GitLab for Tuleap development

This section covers how to setup a local GitLab next to your Tuleap development platform in order to develop or debug.

Setup GitLab

To download source and start GitLab instance, you can run:

you@workstation $> make start-gitlab

First starting


After run make start-gitlab, you need to edit (as root) the /etc/hosts file with GitLab IP:    gitlab.local.

You can know the IP address of GitLab container with make show-ips.

Trust GitLab instance

If you want your Tuleap can communicate with GitLab, you need to insert in Tuleap container GitLab certs. You can use docker cp to copy files from container to computer, and from computer to container.

you@workstation $> docker cp tuleap_gitlab_1:/etc/gitlab/ssl/gitlab.local.crt /tmp
you@workstation $> docker cp tuleap_gitlab_1:/etc/gitlab/ssl/gitlab.local.key /tmp
you@workstation $> docker cp /tmp/gitlab.local.key tuleap_web_1:/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
you@workstation $> docker cp /tmp/gitlab.local.crt tuleap_web_1:/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/

When your certs are copied in Tuleap container, you need to trust them (Add a new certification authority to the CA bundle).

Create a GitLab admin account

Once your GitLab instance is deployed, you can go to https://gitlab.local. If your first time, you need to enter a password for admin account.

The account login is root. You can log in with this account and manage your GitLab.

Trust Tuleap IP

You need to allow Tuleap to access to GitLab.

As root account, you need to go to https://gitlab.local/admin/application_settings/network#js-outbound-settings.

  • Check Allow requests to the local network from system hooks

  • Enter tuleap-web.tuleap-aio-dev.docker in Local IP addresses and domain names that hooks and services may access.

  • Uncheck Enforce DNS rebinding attack protection

After Gitlab Webhook created

Once a GitLab repository is integrated in Tuleap (see Register GitLab repository), you must edit the new webhook’s settings and disable SSL verification. You can access to your webhooks with https://gitlab.local/${namespace}/${project_name}/hooks.

After each restart

GitLab instance doesn’t know Tuleap IP. You need to edit (as root) the /etc/hosts file of GitLab container:

you@workstation $> docker exec -it tuleap_gitlab_1 /bin/bash
you@workstation $> vim /etc/hosts

Add IP of your Tuleap:       tuleap-web.tuleap-aio-dev.docker. You can know the IP address of web container with make show-ips.