Import from other tools

When you start in Tuleap you often want to import data from another system. This chapter details the tools available to deal with this import.

Import from tools


Leveraging Tuleap XML import format, bz2tuleap is a tool that convert any Bugzilla XML query into an archive ready to be imported into a Tuleap instance.

Not only it will recreate the bugs and their comments with proper usernames and dates but corresponding user accounts will be created automatically during import.


As of today the tool was developed against Eclipse bugzilla (v4.4.7) it’s likely than some tweaks are needed to make it generic and usable with newer versions.

Check source code for more details.


TrackerIO is a tool that takes a Redmine database as input and leverages Tuleap APIs to replicate the tickets as Tuleap artifacts. It doesn’t require an admin access to Tuleap but you will need to have full access to the redmine DB.