Upgrade to a newer version

You should inform in advance end users that the platform will be stopped. It can be done through mass mail engine and with a side-wide banner.

Check for upgrade

As root, run:

yum check-update tuleap\*

Note: you can update only the tuleap part (tuleap*) but we highly recommend you to upgrade the whole OS on regular basis.

Ensure forgeupgrade is properly (as Site Admin go in Admin > Plugin Administration) you shouldn’t get any warning.


You should always read the deployment guide instructions before upgrading.

On RHEL6, run as root:

# Stop service
service tuleap stop
service nginx stop
service httpd stop

# Upgrade packages
yum update
# or to upgrade only Tuleap packages (/!\ you might miss security fixes in Tuleap dependencies):
# yum update tuleap\*

# Apply data upgrades
/usr/lib/forgeupgrade/bin/forgeupgrade --config=/etc/tuleap/forgeupgrade/config.ini update

# Re-generate nginx configuration
/usr/share/tuleap/tools/utils/php56/run.php --module=nginx

# Restart service
service httpd start
service nginx start
service tuleap start

Enjoy all your new features!