Tuleap Overview

The Tuleap main menu is a permanent piece of information that you’ll always see on your screen wherever you are in the Tuleap site. Its content can vary according to where and who you are. In other words it is context sensitive. Let’s take 2 examples:

  • If you are visiting the Tuleap site as an anonymous user the upper part of the menu invites you to login or to create a new account whereas if you are logged in you’ll be given access to other functions like Logout, Account Maintenance, Personal Page, etc.
  • Similarly if you decide to visit a given project hosted on Tuleap, the menu at the top of the screen will also show you the list of services available for this project.

In the rest of this section we only review those items that are permanent and context independent. Other menu items are described later in the document in the related service description.

Tuleap Web Page Flow Chart

Tuleap Web Page Flow Chart

Software Map (or Project Tree)

Software map will allow you to categorize your project in categories. For instance Tuleap comes with a Licence > Open source Approved License category.

Software Map sample browsing


Get Help

This page is fully customisable by site administrator. It should contains what is necessary to find help in Tuleap: for example it provides by default: mail of support, link to documentation, Tuleap chat…


You will find here documentation for our REST API

Contact Us

You can always use the “Contact Us” link to get in touch with the Tuleap Team.

Do not hesitate to bug the “Contact Us” link. We are here to help.

Search area

Tuleap allows you to search almost any piece of Tuleap information through a keyword search mechanism. When you are on the Tuleap Home Page you can search for keywords in the following resources:

  • Software Projects: a match is attempted with project names as well as their short and long description. This search mechanism is very complementary with the Software Map (see Software Map (or Project Tree)). Notice that a private project will never appear as a search result.
  • People: keywords will be searched in the Tuleap user database and matched against the user’s login name, real name and e-mail address.
  • Wiki: Wiki is a collaborative authoring tool (see Wiki). You can perform a full text search by keywords in wikis.
  • This tracker: If you enter any tracker in any Tuleap project, the “This Tracker” item will show up in the search box, allowing you to actually search this tracker database.