Tuleap API


The recommended way to interact with Tuleap is to leverage on the REST API. REST API has broad test coverage in Tuleap developers test suite and there is a large number of end points. Modern features (Kanban, Scrum Planning, etc) are using those APIs.

You can get started from the documentation.

You can also discover and test online the various routes.

Legacy APIs

Those APIs are deprecated. Whenever possible there shouldn't be any new developments done relying on them.


More informations available in the documentation on Tuleap.net.

  • Core - v7.6

    Historically the sole end point, therefore it groups multiple different functions:

    • Session management: login, logout, projects, ...
    • File Release System access (FRS): addPackage, addRelease, addFile, ...
    • Tracker v3 (for historical deployments): get/updateTracker, get/updateArtifact, ...
    • Documentation: get/updateDocman, ...

  • Subversion - v1.2

    Get informations about Subversion usage in project.

  • Project - v1.3

    Create and administrate projects.

  • Tracker - v2.1.2

    Query and modify Trackers.