Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2017-05-01)

    Referencing rel #10042

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10112 Repeated sql queries for attachments in an artifact
    request #9910 Fix the privacy of public forum in private projects
    request #10114 Use CREATE DATABASE instead of the synonym CREATE SCHEMA
    request #10111 Planning tab title in scrum v2 is a backlog tracker name instead of milestone tracker name
    request #10119 [Scrum v2 mono-milestone] cannot edit Planning configuration
    request #10123 add missing index on tracker_changeset_value_file
    request #10109 Warn site admin that there are too many users on the platform
    request #10126 9.6 breaks upgrade if there is a pre-existing 'tuleap' user on the platform
    request #10050 Fatal error in tracker reports when static or container field is used in TQL
    request #10125 Imported tasks are being duplicated
    request #10127 Missing index related to artifact links type
    request #9981 Assigned/submitted Tracker widget is slow and unaccurate
    request #10106 Parse of gitlolite logs takes too much time and space
    request #10130 Fatal error when ancestor is not planned in a folder
    request #10134 Remove the broken Subversion backup script
    request #9340 Add links between artifacts from REST
    request #10015 SHA-1 colliding files can break Subversion repository
    request #10133 WidGet : Last Git Push - graph label is displayed over graph
    request #10139 wrong release number for the packaging
    request #10138 The default gitolite configuration does not let codendiadm access to the repos
    request #10149 Modifying an artifact without doing any changes throws a fatal error
    request #10118 Remote code execution through object unserialization of a user's recent elements
    request #10155 Tuleap trackers leaked in project xml import
    request #10156 Project imported from XML are no longer auto validated
    request #10135 Burndown error when configuration fields are not numerical fields
    request #10158 RHEL7 app name must be Tuleap
    request #10154 Collapse/Expend doesn't work on Docman Folders
    request #10166 Field binded on ugroups is no more able to notify users by email
    request #10163 Package can not be generated
    request #10164 Index file of the project website created during the project initialization can not be edited by a user with regular rights
    request #10152 On mediawiki 1.23 the "Edit" link is far too big
    request #10162 SqlResult plugin of PHPWiki allows to execute arbitrary SQL query
    request #10159 OS command injection through the SyntaxHighlighter plugin of PHPWiki
    request #10128 Adding or deleting a user to / from the monitoring list generates a notice
    request #10121 Installing jpgraph-tuleap explicitly also installs lighttpd
    request #10161 svnroot file should no longer contains codendi on el7
    request #10183 When text is too big, artifact takes too much time to render
    request #10184 Avoid running scss-lint in build task in TLP
    request #10185 In a SVN repo - the table is weird
    request #10131 Images attached in PHPWiki can not be displayed in a wiki page when Internet Explorer 11
    request #10187 Accessing the access logs of Git in a project generates a fatal error
    request #10186 In the new FP sidebar, tuleap version tag is position: fixed
    request #10213 Missing ldap dependencies in RHEL7 packages
    request #10188 Remove owner and description in Git web browser