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      epic #10400 Tuleap Beau Git
    Tuleap Beau Git


    The overall objectif is to have a modern, github like, interface to browse the git repositories in Tuleap.

    This focus on bringing "Burning Parrot" style to Git repository listing and git repository content browsing. The attached mock-ups are not up to date but gives an idea of the global orientation.

    Under the hood we are going to fork "gitphp" project in order to keep only things we actually need. That's not that much a concern as the development has stopped upstream and alternatives like gitlist also stopped and would be too costly to integrated.


    As the current epics is really to have a modern look'n feel for git service, some elements won't be covered yet but might be interesting in the future:

    • integration of highlight.js to have same syntax coloration than PR
    • better integration of PR
    • finish migration of git service to burning parrot
    • better integration of cross references
    • view any markdown file interpreated (not limite to readme)


    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2020-06-05 10:51
    2017-07-04 14:46

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