Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2017-11-08 00:00)

    Referencing rel #10587

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10747 Tracker class provides the administration URL
    request #10748 Do not display empty files list when there are links
    request #10749 Tuleap code should only be under Tuleap namespace (9.13 edition)
    request #10465 Not able to add an artifact link when parent artifact have required permission on artifact field
    request #10560 widget title not update when we edit the kanban title
    request #10757 PHP notices when no user agent
    request #10756 Access to a document in disabled docman leads to an error
    request #10746 Error on site index
    request #10758 Get rid of show_help
    request #10755 PHP notice in URL.class.php
    request #10762 Direct access to a given release raises notices
    request #10765 Can not create new Tracker
    request #10766 Generation of admin unix password failure
    request #10764 nginx custom logo not well taken into account
    request #10770 Gitolite log parse can exceed mysql int limit
    request #10753 runs PHP 5.6: documentation is gone
    request #10751 runs PHP 5.6: mailman is gone
    request #10779 Artifact copy failed
    request #10754 runs PHP 5.6: phpwiki images are broken
    request #10780 Missing specific nginx config for git and bugzilla_reference admin
    request #10783 GitPhp links are broken when pullrequest is created with an error
    request #10775 When a fork repository of a pullrequest is deleted it throws a fatal error
    request #10690 Headers are not send sometimes in gitphp
    request #10745 Remove all examples from the Restler package
    request #10781 Configuration for project homepages when using nginx/fpm
    request #10785 Error in a component's run build script should fail Tuleap build
    request #10786 Plugins that are built only for Tuleap Enterprise does not take into account the current release number
    request #10739 Bad behavior of field dependency in tv3
    request #10787 Burndown - When last sum is equal to 0, value is stored as null in cache
    request #10789 Have a minimal tracker representation with color name
    request #10792 archive_deleted_item .log must be created with the correct access rights
    request #10793 Can not add a new value to a select box field when a default value is selected
    request #10790 Use gettext directly in mustache templates
    request #9488 Tuleap-realtime doesn't manage permissions on an artifact which has only project administrator as rights
    request #10750 Add event for addition content in artifact view
    request #10796 bin folder is missing in crosstracker plugin
    request #10680 Remove unused code in tracker chart burndown
    request #10807 Theme color preview is broken (404 error on .css files)
    request #10804 Git mirroring feature is not usable when using nginx with PHP 5.6
    request #10806 Submit button in Project Admin Details too wide in IE11
    request #10743 Remove CLI
    request #10798 Links to have moved or are broken
    request #10791 Remove not usable XMLRPC interface from PHPWiki
    request #10039 Retrieve/update FRS packages via REST