Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2018-04-02 00:00)

    Referencing rel #10994

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #11070 Add SOAP automated tests
    story #11148 Remove deprecated PHP call into code base
    request #11219 Introduce e2e testing with cypress
    request #11210 In milestone tracker report filter must not check in parent milestone
    request #11234 Remove eslint-disable comments
    request #11236 Abuse user mailboxes to prove ownership of the domain used by a Tuleap instance
    request #11223 Remove code of the unused system event USER_EMAIL_CHANGED
    request #11240 Inline filter on git permissions per group
    request #11245 Make generate-po fails when no templates dir exist
    request #11214 ProFTPd permissions are not listed in Permissions per group page
    request #11250 Add support for gauges in Tuleap instrumentation API
    request #11241 Add cli script to generate some stats
    request #11251 Remove end to end tests of the web UI based on Selenium
    request #11244 Random value used to confirm an email change should be checked in constant time to avoid timing leak
    request #11256 Deprecate usage of the \DataAccessObject class and db_* functions
    request #11257 XML project import must not create tracker folder and content as root
    request #11260 Consistent display of project access logs
    request #11258 Add cli script to extract stats
    request #11246 Artifacts should provide open graph protocol information
    request #11262 Milestone backlog REST route returns empty array when there should be elements
    request #11264 Fatal error when a tracker report filters a list bound to ugroups
    request #11218 Webpack for pullrequest plugin
    request #11224 Migrate site-admin scripts to webpack
    request #11266 Add BOM information in CSV content
    request #11274 Force no-cache for AJAX requests
    request #9007 Force compatibility mode for IE
    request #11275 Build site-admin pie-charts with webpack
    request #11276 MW images not displayed to restricted users that are readers
    request #11277 TTM angular application is built in the global build
    request #11282 service tuleap (re)start must clean the new WSDL cache folder
    request #11273 ldap_id set to none should not block access to subversion
    request #11283 Avoid CSS build error during npm run build
    request #11281 Plugins should be able to use a PSR-4 autoloader
    request #11284 Graph renderer charts are broken
    request #11280 eslint overrides do not work in pre-commit hook
    request #11153 Introduce front controller pattern
    request #10582 Kanban widget, "RT disconnected" message is missing some styling
    request #11289 Updating an artifact link can unuse computed values
    request #11291 Proper caching of user's static ugroups
    request #11295 htmlentities displayed in legacy svn query
    request #11313 CVS should not rely on register globals
    request #11316 Add Makefile target to redeploy nginx config
    request #11320 Tuleap Cookie prefix must be used in python scripts
    request #11319 CVS ViewVC display some icons in content
    request #11324 Fatal error on overview page of a release
    request #11332 FRS File sent with Webdav through the Windows explorer must have the right md5