Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
    20 (2019-08-26 00:00)

    Referencing rel #13416

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #13672 Bump minimal requirement to PHP 7.3
    request #13676 Database Query Error while running integration test suite
    request #13681 PHP source files should only use UTF-8 without BOM with Unix LF line ending
    request #13677 Spelling mistake in the french error message when the list of Git repositories can not be loaded
    request #13678 Update to Psalm 3.4.10
    request #13674 Incorrect column label in the permissions by fields administration
    request #13682 Update properties should not be avaiable when status is not available for project
    request #13684 PHP source files should not have trailing whitespaces
    request #13557 Upgrade vue to v2.6.10
    request #12603 Improve stability of distlp e2e tests
    request #13688 Upgrade vuex to version 3.1.1
    request #13687 Remove scrollbar for docman new UI modals when user is in condensed mode
    request #13696 Deleting an item currently in the clipboard should clear the clipboard
    request #13673 Fieldset should not be displayed if no field are submitable
    request #13690 improve document plugin coverage
    request #13545 Introduce eslint to the test pipeline
    request #13653 Import manually all spec files
    request #13664 Only the first ten tracker reports can be chosen in the test management campaign edit modal
    request #13697 Timeframe configuration warning shown while Tracker is not a submilestone
    request #13701 Link to the update properties page of the docman is not internationalized in the document plugin modal
    request #13666 Worker running the asynchronous event might work on outdated data
    request #13397 Centralize vuex-mock-store and wrapper in core
    request #13695 Locks retrieval with Git LFS 2.8.0 fails
    request #13689 Tuleap should be usable without setting a specific include_path
    request #13705 PHP warnings about compat() usage in LocalisationCache class when using Mediawiki plugins
    request #13706 eslint should also analyse Vue files
    request #13709 Reduce log noise from webpack style configurations
    request #13698 Contextualize artifact creation link in the tracker report view
    request #13719 Configuration of mailmain can fail if Apache is not already started
    request #13717 Notifications from BotMattermost agiledashboard are no more sent
    request #13722 Fatal error on AD when no timeframe semantic
    request #13718 PHP Fatal error in Tuleap\BotMattermostAgileDashboard\SenderServices\StandUpNotificationBuilder::getBurndownUrl()
    request #13715 Pull request requiers WRITE on destination branch to be Abandonned
    request #13692 Log errors at SSH key dump in Gitolite if any
    request #13726 Cleanup information given by the docman plugin in the REST route GET /project/:id
    request #13731 Broken link in AD administration
    request #13679 Drop the library used to set the Same-Site cookie flag
    request #13727 Refactoring : use Vuex for Testmanagement
    request #13714 Replace gulpfiles by centralized gettext script
    request #13739 Creation, last usage and expiration dates of access keys does not take into account the user's timezone on the account page
    request #13740 REST changeset representation can sometimes add a key to field value
    request #13724 Javascript apps should not import dependencies indirectly
    request #13742 Problem adding a new translation
    request #13747 REST endpoint GET /projects/:id/user_groups returns system user groups with a not recognized ID
    request #13743 Fix inifinite loop of recursiveGet
    request #13751 Update to Psalm 3.4.11
    request #13749 Cannot update an artifact from the tracker artifact view with IE11
    request #13752 Add helpers to launch to run ESLint and Prettier
    request #13634 tracker's rules' validation don't check null values on CSV import
    request #13750 Adding a new translation breaks the main page
    request #13756 Status must be inherited from parent on file drag and drop
    request #13721 Improve "members" page (admin only) by adding columns for email address and account status
    request #13758 The internal documentation does not exist when changing localization
    request #13757 Update tools related to PHPUnit test suites
    request #13723 Improve CSV export feature (project administration) by adding columns containing user's email and account status
    request #13755 File document can not be downloaded from the REST API when the instance does not allow anonymous users
    request #13759 Deprecation notice about INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 constant when using the REST API
    request #13763 Fix notice in agiledashboard planning configuration
    request #13748 Fail adding a new custom service in the project
    request #13760 Update vue-dompurify-html to 2.0.0
    request #8080 Custom Icons for Services
    request #13732 Get HTML garbage when Api Key is not valid
    request #13764 Update to HTMLPurifier v4.11.0
    request #13768 Legacy wiki can not be initialized and pages can not be edited/removed
    request #13766 Committing in a legacy SVN repository is rejected
    request #13702 Introduce Typescript in Vue apps