Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2020-04-01)

    Referencing rel #14270

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #14618 Don't search on null value in api REST get /tracker_reports/{id}/artifacts
    request #14637 Remove usage of the Jenkins clover plugin the test pipelines
    request #14638 Extract External fields elements before validate import with single tracker
    request #14639 Render Markdown content with a CommonMark interpreter
    request #14636 Scrum templates should have comfortable edit zone
    request #14645 Chosen template should be display in step 2 in new project creation
    request #14612 unterminated entity reference during tracker export
    request #14643 Optional project fields should not be present at project creation
    request #14646 Enable the use of padding when querying the Have I Been Pwned API
    request #14641 drop possibility to disable new document UI for specific projects
    request #14642 Feedbacks displayed on homepage are ugly
    request #14633 Artifact title should be in page <title>
    request #14384 Move all javascript build process to Webpack
    request #14656 Bad usage of Language->getText() in docman
    request #14650 remove static call to project id in docman cypress tests
    request #14644 Chosen template should be display in step 2 in new tracker creation
    request #14571 nginx default configuration should not set the /.well-known/* URLs to /opt/letsencrypt/
    request #14655 Parallelize the builds of the assets
    request #14657 PHP Error on new preference page
    request #14659 Parallelize 'composer install' in the build pipelines
    request #14661 Fix vulnerabilities in dev and build JS dependencies
    request #14663 Run Prettier as an ESLint rule
    request #14660 Can no longer add "Project Milestone" widget on a dashboard
    request #14665 Bump ESLint and most of its plugins to the latest versions
    request #14649 add tests cypress tests for svn
    request #14662 Missing message at account creation validation page
    request #14667 Misleading 'network connection' message
    request #14669 Sidebar in siteadmin should not be collapsable
    request #14666 Convert docman plugin to gettext
    request #14654 Do not repeat trackers XML templates
    request #14616 Wrong containment on job/build referencing
    request #14677 Remove the usage of uglifyjs-webpack-plugin in tuleap-core
    request #14673 cvssh and cvssh-restricted shells are not added to /etc/shells when CVS is configured
    request #14635 Statistics get the old repository size when their is no repositories on SVN and Git
    request #14686 Be consistent with the spacing around casts, functions, operators and arrays
    request #14679 An user can be set to restricted on api REST even if restricted are disabled
    request #14691 Switching from Text to HTML format duplicates explanation line
    request #14675 Add psalm on TTM repository
    request #14512 Trackers service should be activated in Kanban template
    request #14599 Remove useless @inheritDoc annotations
    request #14536 Check that plugins code does not leak into the core
    request #14658 Update to Psalm 3.9.5
    request #14685 In tracker creation slugify should only make its replacements once
    request #14678 A super user shouldn't be able to go into restricted
    request #14589 Kanban Filter not working with empty fields
    request #14719 Replace inline docblock declarations with assertions
    request #14710 Update to Psalm 3.10.1
    request #14701 (un)Restriction of resources for projects is not error prone
    request #14713 Baseline rest route /baseline/:id/artifacts is broken
    request #14708 Disabling a plugin is not error prone
    request #14652 Hoist webpack configs at plugins root folders
    request #14720 Composer should favor dist tarballs when installing dependencies
    request #14721 Some charts cannot be built with gd 2.3.0
    request #14722 Bump to Jest 25.2.3
    request #14716 REST, SOAP, integration and E2E tests cannot be launched by OS X users
    request #14729 oauth2_server plugin block installation of other plugins
    request #14727 Properties, parameters and return types of methods/functions should always be defined
    request #14704 Change the way to mangage references to a deleted trackers
    request #14731 Upgrade Vue dependencies March 2020 edition
    request #14689 Do not indicate there are open changes when trying to delete a repo that cannot be found
    request #14688 Log exceptions when the Gerrit REST driver does not succeed to send a request
    request #14684 Cannot create empty projects
    request #14717 Cleanup of tracker templates
    request #14740 modal V1 has en error when tracker have a parent
    request #14742 MW instatiate its table at project creation
    request #14745 Color should not be mandatory in the XML when creating a tracker
    request #14753 Psalm should analyze src/tuleap-cfg/
    request #14746 MW tables are never created at xml import
    request #14696 Bind_Ugroups does not properly check field dependencies
    request #14733 Align TTM external elements validation with core form element validation