Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2020-04-29 00:00)

    Referencing rel #14681

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #14741 Upgrade AngularJS dependencies April 2020 edition
    request #14744 Bump sprintf-js to 1.1.2
    request #13487 Run Tuleap test suites with PHP 7.4
    request #14725 Upgrade dev dependencies April 2020 edition
    request #14751 Missing job name in case of error
    request #14747 Possible misuse of aria-label for tlp-modal-close
    request #14755 Psalm should analyze plugins/*/bin/
    request #14752 Unify scripts and themes build for Core
    request #14749 Artifacts permissions filed is not completed on cardwall modal
    request #14732 PHP sessions should be in strict mode
    request #14748 correct some error js thrown in console
    request #14759 Community packages cannot be built
    request #14761 Stylelint should disallow outputting block comments
    request #14625 Fatal error while uploading a new version for a docman item
    request #14758 Tracker creation doesn't show the right template
    request #14476 Syntax highlighting in git can crash the page
    request #14763 Use PSR-12 as the base for the PHP coding standards
    request #14765 READMEs in Git repository should be able to link to files in the repository
    request #14764 E2E tests for expert queries reports
    request #14127 Extend markdown support in the git plugin
    request #14611 improve ux timetracking widget
    request #14769 Burnup not displayed anymore on the agiledashboard homepage
    request #12127 Add minimal tests for tracker artifacts
    request #14771 Default permissions on configuration path and files are too open
    request #14773 Do not allow to use string as classname
    request #14774 Disable npm audit report in build runs
    request #14780 TQL cypress test fail due to dates
    request #14779 Exclude tests and deps files from being inspected for PHP code coverage
    request #14784 Update to Psalm 3.11.2
    request #14789 Run unit tests with coverage only in the nightly pipeline
    request #14528 Update to PHPUnit 9
    request #14788 Date reminder can't be updated or deleted
    request #14792 Cannot create a new version of a file with approval table
    request #14790 DRY TLP modal opening code in LDAP plugin
    request #14793 Forbid usage of class, method and property marked as internal
    request #14777 XML export/import should preserve traceability in TTM
    request #14794 Fallback on when no local documentation is found
    request #14798 The OIDC client plugin should authenticate with BasicAuth when accessing the token endpoint
    request #14150 Get rid of SimpleTest
    request #14786 Custom organization logos cannot be displayed anymore
    request #14804 Add Tuleap Icon in the list of OIDC providers
    request #14757 Cypress test architecture does not respect the plugin split pattern
    request #14785 Can't submit after artifact concurrent edition
    request #14800 Opportunistic PKCE support of OIDC provider
    request #14805 Run the PHP unit tests with error_reporting set to E_ALL
    request #14807 Verify signature of ID tokens
    request #14783 Activate by default the new project creation screen
    request #14814 E2E tests for artifact concurrent edition
    request #14815 Uniform card label in new tracker creation
    request #14830 Include password-policy throught IncludeAssets
    request #14810 Remove test and build files from the plugin RPM packages
    request #14837 Remove DVCS* interfaces from Git
    request #14831 PATCH testmanagement_executions/{ id } returns 404 Not found despite personnal access key is sent in headers
    request #14835 Line number does not line up with the line itself
    request #14836 Bump to node-sass 4.14
    request #14827 Bump to DOMPurify 2.0.10
    request #14833 Do not collect coverage of DAO classes
    request #14838 OIDC sign in should update the "Last successful login" date
    request #14839 Display the OIDC providers in one column on the homepage
    request #14841 Do not double trailing slash in assets URL
    request #14842 Kanban should bundle AngularJS
    request #14812 Users signing in via an OIDC provider should be able to create an account without setting a password
    request #14808 CLI extract_service_usage fails silently
    request #14799 Explicit backlog is no longer experimental
    request #14843 Add a "copy to clipboard" element when creating a SVN token, an access key or an OAuth2 client secret
    request #14850 Cannot create a tracker or setup Jenkins servers in the Git administration with IE11
    request #14852 Cannot edit an artifact with IE11 via the tracker view
    request #14851 Avatar can overlap text in user preferences
    request #14846 In a campaign with lot of test error for null element is generated
    request #14855 Notifications autocompleter is missing from window
    request #14857 Testmangement update shoud only clear curent execution's editor
    request #14858 Only variables should be passed by reference in Docman_ReportFactory
    request #14860 Kanban : drag and drop generate an error
    request #14862 TypeError: Argument 1 passed to MetadataListOfValuesElementListBuilder::build() must be of the type int, null given
    request #14861 Wrong display of item type in docman reports
    request #14834 Erroneous restriction on SVN permissions
    request #14067 Add cypress test for the kanban
    request #14935 Fatal error on user profile when add_date is not filled
    request #14995 Convert the Agile Dashboard plugin to gettext