Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2020-07-22)

    Referencing rel #14817

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #15000 Do not abuse 406 HTTP status code
    request #15004 Bump Psalm to 3.12.1
    request #15003 Convert tracker plugin to gettext
    request #15011 Bump league/commonmark to 1.5.0
    request #15019 Syntax highlight Dockerfile file in Git repositories
    request #14998 Markdown tables are no more rendered in the git browser
    request #15016 Allow developers to run unit tests with PHP 8.0
    request #15012 Redirect to tracker homepage in case of permission error
    request #15023 Clean-up core database structure
    request #15013 Remove the ability to retrieve list of trackers via Ajax
    request #12299 Support multibyte characters on new Tuleap installations 🎆 🦄
    request #15029 Use robot icon for automated tests
    request #15030 Web UI of a Git repository cannot be accessed
    request #15028 The update of the CI job targeted by a widget is vulnerable to blind SQL injections
    request #15021 Bump swagger-ui to 3.27.0
    request #15022 Campaign is broken if execution status is set to none
    request #15017 Add cypress test for user search
    request #15039 Docman links document type wrong redirection
    request #15036 My Artifacts widget generates notices and warnings when some artifacts cannot be read by the user
    request #14877 Fix project milestones widget UI
    request #15034 Convert the artifacts folders plugin to gettext
    request #15032 Remove debug mode
    request #15048 graphontracker logs warning when chart have been deleted
    request #15014 Dev stack is "CentOS 7 based" by default
    request #15045 Drag and Drop and default values not working for open lists
    request #14346 Kanban should not allow to create a card if the user can not submit the status field
    request #15055 Discourage administrators to edit nginx configuration files managed by Tuleap
    request #15054 Artifact links types are no more set in the header of a CSV tracker export
    request #15061 Bump to Cypress 4.9.0
    request #15015 Initiate usage of Psalm taint analysis feature
    request #15027 Group autocomplete for ldap does not work when sys_ldap_grp_cn is different than sys_ldap_cn
    request #15060 Ban usage of non crypto secure/user-space RNG
    request #15073 Bump to Psalm 3.12.2
    request #15068 No integration of Test Management on Project Milestones
    request #14715 NotFound should be more user friendly
    request #15062 Re-activating a deleted project should not be possible
    request #15072 Bump to sass-loader 9.0.1 and move to Dart Sass
    request #15079 Correct cypress workflow tests
    request #15078 Icon of a project service cannot be changed
    request #15065 Changing password should revoke all OAuth2 tokens
    request #14992 Planning view: drag and drop error
    request #15063 Bump ezyang/htmlpurifier to 4.13.0
    request #15083 Typo in the cards semantics description when no field is chosen
    request #15042 Cannot add a new Git mirror
    request #15085 Bump webpack-merge to 5.0.8
    request #15086 Stop "Add child" button from moving the row
    request #15076 Update Tuleap Branch Source dependencies plugin
    request #15090 Enforce Stylelint checks in CI
    request #15084 Bump laminas/laminas-mail to 2.11.0
    request #15047 "SVN core" repositories cannot extract references or trigger Jenkins builds
    request #15097 PHP Fatal error while processing the setup of gerrit dev
    request #15098 Remove reference to sales in Tuleap templates
    request #15074 Artifact deletions are never processed when a Redis instance is available but there are no async workers
    request #15010 SSH keys must be sent to Gerrit without any kind of escaping
    request #15101 Bump to mockery/mockery 1.4.1
    request #15081 Pull request notifications are never sent when a Redis instance is available but there are no async workers
    request #15040 Creating a new version (or deleting a specific one) of a docman embedded document redirects to the homepage
    request #15071 Async workers crash every minute when waiting on a message
    request #15100 Fix overflow issues in widgets
    request #15103 Fix workflow transition table width
    request #15046 Missing dependency to run post commit hook of the "SVN core" repositories
    request #14991 Users might be able to push an LFS object to a repository migrated to Gerrit
    request #15099 Math extension does not work on CentOS/RHEL7
    request #15069 Git LFS batch response endpoint should not return an error 500 for a permission denied
    request #15107 Missing grants for Mediawiki and dbauthuser on a fresh install on CentOS/RHEL6
    request #15108 Remove a value on a list is not possible anymore
    request #15110 Notice when accessing certain pages without a user-agent header
    request #15114 Size of multiselectbox doesn't adapt for long content
    request #14865 cypress typescript support
    request #15113 Update squizlabs/php_codesniffer & slevomat/coding-standard
    request #15116 Remove the Tuleap tours
    request #15115 tuleap-svn-updater service crashes when receiving a message
    request #15117 Unit-test TLP's filter-inline-table
    request #15109 Bump to Jest 26.1.0
    request #14963 tuleap-git-plugin does not install on RHEL7
    request #15121 Extract FilterInlineTable out of TLP
    request #15112 Cannot review files with "special" characters in their paths from the web UI
    request #15106 Legacy browsers complain about leaving the page when submitting a follow up
    request #15020 REST representations can be hydrated even when they define a constructor
    request #15123 Clipboard change should not be propagated cross-projects
    request #15124 Failures of the PHP unit tests suite due to an incorrect casing of the \UserXMLExporter class
    request #15125 Bump lodash to 4.17.49
    request #15118 Bump Symfony components to 5.1
    request #15075 Use specific version of git in command
    request #15126 Crash when creating or updating a Project Milestones widget without a project
    request #15077 Pull Request processing fails on huge Git merge
    request #15018 Frs plugin should be covered by e2e tests
    request #15128 Inject document in TLP components
    request #15127 Remove the migration panel to the Tuleap SSH key management in the siteadministration
    request #15082 FastForward not detected when checking mergeability
    request #15131 SQL injection in the planning edition panel
    request #15132 Crash when accessing the panel of a non-existent/deleted planning
    request #15130 List values are hidden when transition rules are enabled on this value
    request #15137 Project Milestones is not displayed under Edge
    request #15134 Selectbox value validity are not check when the option change automatically
    request #15135 Drop duplicate dependency on tlp-fetch
    request #16120 Bump to league/commonmark 1.5.3
    request #16137 Some E2E tests with experimentalFetchPolyfill option enabled fail
    request #16135 I can no longer change static list field values order
    request #16138 No more able to attach a file in legacy wiki
    request #16130 Bump gumlet/php-image-resize to 2.0.0
    request #16123 Wrong translation in Testmanagement
    request #16121 Failures of the PHP unit tests suite due to an incorrect casing of the \UGroupManager class
    request #15136 Convert TLP to TypeScript