Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2022-06-22 00:00)

    Referencing rel #25714

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #27132 Artifact link types are not exported in document generated in TTM campaign
    request #27130 Invitations section should not be listed in the siteadmin sidebar LDAP is active
    request #27131 Updating invitations generates an error
    request #26814 swagger-ui: 4.1.3 -> 4.11.1
    request #18822 Text in the user widget last Git pushes is scrambled together
    request #27137 Fix errors in forge upgrade buckets
    request #26819 tus-js-client: 2.3.0 -> 2.3.1
    request #27127 jest: 27.5.1 -> 28.1.0
    request #27138 Rename last remaining .spec.js file
    request #27140 Allow to setup sys_plugins_that_can_not_be_disabled_from_the_web_ui setting via tuleap config-set
    request #26739 Improve e2e keyboard navigation coverage
    request #27141 prismjs: 1.27.0 -> 1.28.0
    request #24983 Removal of legacy project data export
    request #27139 Unofficial languages are considered Beta
    request #27149 TCE and TEE container does not have pt_BR
    request #27143 Correct e2e test assertion
    request #27150 LinkSelector lib throws an error when a native Chrome autofill event is encountered
    request #27151 Impossible to update file information in frs
    request #26797 Use the bash available in the PATH instead of hardcoding /bin/bash in helper scripts
    request #26787 Ease installation of plugins
    request #27153 Do not use unordered list to display followup comments
    request #27156 Remove POSTINSTALL.txt
    request #27155 Stop using deprecated `--include-dependencies` Turborepo option when building packages
    request #27158 Do not generate fuzzy or obsolete strings
    request #27161 Allow to set sys_name setting via `tuleap config-set`
    request #27162 POST /tracker_fields/:id/files REST endpoint is not under construction anymore
    request #27157 Project visibility should be display in admin templates view
    request #27164 Step definition format is automatically changed
    request #27170 guzzlehttp/guzzle: 7.4.0 -> 7.4.4
    request #27173 XSS via the title of a document
    request #27166 Naming a field "id" breaks the report
    request #27180 Export csv are broken
    request #27171 Clear default values when form element is changed from a multiple list to a simple list
    request #27181 [TTM] dependency graph does not appear in modal
    request #27182 Git repository export is broken in project XML export
    request #27163 Drop `sys_full_name` setting
    request #27165 Uniform naming to enable/disable plugin
    request #27184 Psalm taint analysis complains about tainted HTML in LDAP CLI tool
    request #27144 Error is thrown in Chrome when an autofill event is encountered (again)
    request #27187 Chrome-based browsers fallback on filename in HTTP headers
    request #27169 Parse native return and properties types when building the OpenAPI specification file
    request #27176 In dashboards : tracker table reports are affected by report session when there are additional criteria.
    request #26816 Resources of private projects can be accessed by non project members
    request #27146 homogenizes version's field name in docman
    request #27172 SQL injection via the field name of a tracker
    request #21765 Tuleap PR autonotification notify the git repository with a inexistent SHA-1