Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2022-07-20 00:00)

    Referencing rel #26753

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #27499 "Not found" error of the tracker renderer widget is not internationalized
    request #27500 Possible crash when updating an artifact without a status field
    request #27505 Wrong columns displayed in Document search
    request #27498 Tracker renderer widget should not be exported when renderer does not exist
    request #27508 Pie and bar charts display invalid information
    request #27503 replace tlp-fetch + neverthrow by fetch-result
    request #27511 esbuild: 0.14.31 -> 0.14.47
    request #27182 Git repository export is broken in project XML export
    request #27174 REST endpoint /tracker_fields/:id/files should return a 200 on success
    request #27515 Issue in GraphOnTrackers
    request #27507 Rewrite `sha1collisiondetector` tool in Rust 🦀
    request #27506 install a plugin with CLI doesn't verify installation requirements
    request #27514 @floating-ui/dom: 0.4.2 -> 0.5.4
    request #27520 Unable to delete a version
    request #27518 Enforce stricter style rules on vue3 apps
    request #27521 Provide tools to generate RNG files via Nix instead of a Docker image
    request #27522 Crash when using `Switch to...` with a reference
    request #27183 Mass change can fail when there are rules on dates and user's local is french
    request #26741 configure sort criteria can be tested by e2e test suite
    request #27528 Fix DB migration thinking there is an ongoing transaction
    request #27533 No more able to select another GitLab integration in modal
    request #27524 Vue: 2.6.14 -> 2.7.8
    request #27525 Git: 2.36.0 -> 2.37.0
    request #27502 Force reconnection to the DB after extracting the files during a project import
    request #27534 Syntax highlight Rust files in Git plugin web UI
    request #27531 Tests of internal JS libraries in plugins are played twice
    request #27535 Remove the feature flag of the cross report export
    request #27536 Run "full" E2E test suite without concurrent test suites in the nightly pipeline
    request #27192 Bump Symfony components from 5.x to 6.x
    request #27529 Use env variables instead of passing flags to Jest CLI directly
    request #27541 /robots.txt should be accessible even if the instance is not accessible to anonymous users
    request #27544 Official `mysql` Docker image has changed its defaults
    request #25344 Statistics from Docman appear as CVS in Site Admin Statistics
    request #27532 Artifact modal can't be be open if a non submitable target field is in field dependencies
    request #27501 Crash when opening Test Management with a campaign tracker without a "label" field
    request #27527 Have full document title on hover in search results
    request #27539 Unplan US only when feature is unplanned from program
    request #27543 Psalm: 4.23.0 -> 4.24.0
    request #27545 `/projects/:id/3rd_party_integration_data` doesn't exposes default references
    request #27547 A field with a name containing a `-` character makes reports crash
    request #27546 Internal lib tlp-feedback can display content with links
    request #27549 Stop using field names to build the tracker reports SQL queries
    request #27551 Permission settings of the document service cannot be accessed when project is not active
    request #27550 "Verbalization" of the parameters of the system event importing core SVN repo can crash
    request #27504 bump cypress to 10.2.0
    request #27548 Introduce Vitest as the new default JS test runner
    request #27552 Add export of report columns as an XLSX spreadsheet
    request #27526 Filename is not available in document search columns
    request #27557 Git: 2.37.0 -> 2.37.1
    request #25728 Tuleap Skin: missing parts in Recent Changes
    request #27517 User's locale is not respected when logging in on MediaWiki
    request #27542 PHP notice in MediaWiki TuleapSidebar
    request #27530 Search results columns should be ordered alphabetically
    request #27563 Correct cypress errors
    request #27879 Word preceding reference disappears
    request #26407 De-duplicate authz/authn code used for SVN accesses
    request #27538 Fine grained permissions are not checked when creating a branch with REST API
    request #27896 Smart commit is not smart enough