Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
    17 (2017-02-01)

    Referencing rel #9810

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9808 Bad link in MyAdmin widget to approve news
    request #9805 Cannot add quota for a private project
    request #9809 Pending news counter should not count private news
    request #9773 Burndown issue when no permission on remaining_effort field
    request #9824 Missing index on plugin_git_full_history
    request #9786 Unit tests fail when executed on a Saturday or Sunday
    request #9807 Bad redirection link in ArtifactLink
    request #9834 Mediawiki plugin must use autoload file
    request #9840 news_read_permissions is unknown on NewsRetriever.php file
    request #9844 Cannot edit Artifact Link Type
    request #9837 Provide a way to have pluralized textual messages
    request #9842 TQL fatal error on DepthValidator when queries are too complex
    request #9802 Access to release changenote doesn't work when release status is hidden
    request #9851 Improve performance of Folder selectbox rendering
    request #9849 Double message on file release update
    request #9854 Improve performance of "Submit new artifact" rendering
    request #9862 Do not generate a lot of input hidden for masschange
    request #9864 Make FRS import verbose
    request #9569 Limit the max characters of the encrypted field refered to the RSA key's size
    request #9863 The parameters verbalization of a system event can lead to an exception
    request #9861 ChangeLog files are things of the past
    request #9801 Do not send full credentials in clear to the user when an user account is created by a site administrator
    request #9860 Sprint Start Date does not correspond to Burndown chart starting point
    request #9847 Trove categories don't show
    request #9790 Project over quota is not taken into account in Burning Parrot
    request #9871 Fatal error is thorwn when no changeset found for field files
    request #9870 Fix packaging
    request #9872 Remove duplicate CSS class in TLP doc
    request #9718 Cumulative Flow Chart improvement
    request #9853 Fix CSRF security issues for plugin tracker_encryption
    request #9868 Allow files with brackets []
    request #9865 Properly log import of documents
    request #9878 CVS can cause error on USER_RENAME event
    request #9879 Auto adjust docman upload size to what server is able to handle
    request #9883 o not launch forgeupgrade update on macOS on make start
    request #9869 Plugin tracker_encryption: Add verification for user authentication on the form allowing to update the RSA public key
    request #9887 Use TuleapTestCase instead of UnitTestCase
    request #9886 Burndown view is broken in Agiledashboard when capacity is huge
    request #9894 Fatal error in artifact view with burndown and no duration set
    request #9778 BurningParrrot must be a dependency of Tuleap RPM
    request #9876 SOAP examples must be part of Tuleap documentation
    request #9900 Tuleap code should only be under Tuleap namespace (9.4 edition)
    request #9880 Instrumentation: what is used on my Tuleap ?
    request #9898 Javascript warning thrown
    request #9578 Session tokens are stored in clear in the database
    request #9911 Burndown REST route send wrong values when some day are null
    request #9909 Ctrl-Enter should execute the TQL query
    request #9912 Insert field at the right position in TQL editor
    request #9369 Kanban layout appears broken when realtime changes status of a card
    request #9867 No need to know if a artifact link type is used when we display the submit new artifact page
    request #9903 Update default configuration TLS cipher suites (beginning of 2017 edition)
    request #9915 SOAP route getArtifacts generates a lot of PHP warnings
    request #9916 Call to an unexisting file in frs confirm download popup
    request #9917 Delete graph report generates some PHP warnings
    request #9919 Feedbacks are sometimes not displayed
    request #9920 Warnings are raised for copy/paste folder in two differents projects
    request #9921 IM web chat room is not able to authenticate a user
    request #9942 Userlog plugin stores session token in clear