Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2017-03-06)

    Referencing rel #9841

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9924 Disable browser's MIME sniffing
    request #9906 Explicitely say when user is anonymous
    request #9927 Site admin should be able to easily configure templates
    request #3528 Fatal error on milestone when you are not logged in.
    request #9928 license approval should be off on a fresh install
    request #9926 Refactoring templates
    request #9186 Cannot unlink FRS release and Tracker release
    request #9930 Default documentation should be removed in docman plugin
    request #9938 CSV export does not work properly
    request #9937 Add possibility to activate PHPwiki again for site administrators
    request #9943 Correct french translation for gerrit mirrors: mirroir doesn't exist, it's miroir
    request #9934 Fatal error uncaucht exception when a mirror don't exists
    request #9908 New artifact submit form - error javascript
    request #9942 Userlog plugin stores session token in clear
    story #9130 Send notification through Mattermost when some Git actions are performed
    story #9129 Define bots to send notification to Mattermost
    story #9623 Get rid of Bootstrap in site admin / plugins BotMattermost
    story #9184 Choose and configure bots to send stand-up summary
    request #9944 Limit exposure of the referrer to protect user's privacy
    request #9940 Allow to randomize PHP simpletest order
    request #9957 List field bound to users generate a sql error on artifact edition
    request #9932 Have a Scrum template after a fresh install
    request #9918 LocalSettings must use autoload and constants files
    request #6095 UI bug when importing users from file
    request #9947 activity_log table duplicates what the userlog plugin do
    request #8841 Persistent XSS in the detailed view of a file in subversion or CVS browser
    request #9959 Performance issue for rendering an artifact when there are a lot of Folders
    request #9939 Remove snippet
    request #9972 SSH host keys in the tuleap-aio are the same for all the containers
    request #9974 Default self signed certificate used by Apache is the same for all the containers using the same image
    request #9975 Burndown capacity is not taken in account when capacity is a computed field
    request #9960 Deprecated `reflected-xss` syntactic sugar ERROR in Chrome, Firefox, etc.
    request #9956 Fatal error uncaucht exception when a git server don't exist
    request #9971 Reference edition in siteadmin does not handle non existing ID
    request #9903 Update default configuration TLS cipher suites (beginning of 2017 edition)
    request #9977 Display of burndown is distorted depending on time zone
    request #9933 Update scrum template, feb 2017 edition
    request #9983 Sparklines does not work for services other than CVS, SVN, Tracker or FRS
    request #9980 update packaging of bot Mattermost plugins
    request #8489 Flaming parrot theme:Change the color of the text in the sidebar
    request #9893 Wrong behavior of "Permission on artifact" field
    request #9653 New gerrit addition form is misleading
    request #10013 Date copy does not allow the user modifying the value
    request #9885 Blank page when accessing to agile dashboard service
    request #9982 No more trackers v3 widget by default
    request #9966 wrong url link for commit diff delivered by Git service using reverse proxy
    request #9542 Planning: when remaining effort is a computed field, the value is not updated automatically
    request #9891 Artifact copy - fatal error throw when required fields are empty
    request #10026 Gerrit add and edit form does not verify if the SSH replication key is valid
    request #9970 Directly manage SSH keys instead of delegating it to gitolite
    request #10032 script deals with .99.1 version
    request #10028 Cannot update project informations in site admin
    request #10021 Notice with artifact copy & PermissionsOnArtifact field
    request #9978 Tuleap sessions hang constantly, need browser restart