Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2017-03-31 00:00)

    Referencing rel #9961

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10031 REST tests for TQL
    request #9826 Burdown refactoring
    request #8081 Help links in the trove categorization edition are dead
    request #10038 Realtime does not work because server version is desynchronized with the version clients expect
    request #10036 Git notification autocompleter doesn't find "Contribotor" group
    request #10029 Fatal error when accessing to a new SVN multidepot deleted project
    request #10020 OpenList loads all the users in memory even if it is not needed
    request #9970 Directly manage SSH keys instead of delegating it to gitolite
    request #9010 Export project tool must export all importable services
    request #9986 BurningParrot sidebar: contrast is low on search fields
    request #9987 BurningParrot sidebar: scrollbar not visible enough (contrast + width)
    request #10003 System events in site admin homepage: click on badges should lead to filtered list
    request #10052 Default project custom fields are not relevant for a fresh install
    request #9997 Have a link to project homepage in "More info" pane in project details in site administration
    request #10048 Planning v2 modale wrongly claims "Permissions on artifacts" is mandatory
    request #10067 Be able to display a complete custom homepage
    request #10070 Jenkins is failing in every single patch
    request #10044 Problem in user group binding across public & private projects
    request #10073 Delete artifact should check the belonging tracker
    request #10072 Have dropdowns in TLP
    request #9996 Have a link to the projects homepage & administration in Site admin projects administration list
    request #10074 Viewvc doesn't deal properly with folders with spaces
    request #10076 Massmail does not work anymore
    request #10075 Pullrequest : Fatal error if a parent repo is deleted
    request #10079 URL of svn operation is not properly displayed behind reverse proxy
    request #10081 Empty changeset when child is linked to its parent
    request #10084 Impossible to add a link to a User Story in a Task
    request #10045 Disk usage data are collected only for updated content
    request #10086 No need to whitelist plugins for po/mo generation
    request #9822 Hide forum privacy radio buttons for private projects
    request #10090 The artefact description is displayed instead of its name
    request #10071 Mediawiki 1.23 migration page links are not correct
    request #10088 Openlist field binded to a ugroup generates a fatal error when notification must be sent
    request #10046 The sprint burndown is displayed, not the release burndown
    request #10091 Emails are sent for users who doesn't listen sub-hierarchy
    request #10099 Remove unnecessary call to diffToPrevious
    request #10101 Backlog is not refreshed when you add an item to be planned and there is no milestones
    request #10100 Process of system events fatal error due to rabbitmq lib
    request #10102 Agiledashboard dependency in tracker code
    request #10108 Cache user membership information
    request #10156 Project imported from XML are no longer auto validated
    request #10039 Retrieve/update FRS packages via REST