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14774Disable npm audit report in build runsOtherUnder implementationThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14773Do not allow to use string as classnameDev toolsUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14772E2E tests for user preferencesCypressUnder implementationThomas Gorka (tgorka)
14760Add config-list command to tuleap CLIenhancementSite adminUnder implementationManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14757Cypress test architecture does not respect the plugin split patternenhancementOtherUnder implementationAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14750Improve external plugins build pipeline efficiencyinternal improvementUnder implementationManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14739Dropping multiple files does not work in FirefoxDoc/Documentation managerNewAllJoris MASSON (jmasson)
14738Reports are not visible if another element is not selected first in the campaign creation selectboxTest ManagementVerifiedThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14733Align TTM external elements validation with core form element validation Test ManagementUnder reviewLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
14728Project export user should be site adminImport | ExportNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14715NotFound should be more user friendlyUX/UINewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14711Docman asks to send an email request for anonymous usersDoc/Documentation managerNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
14709Lost password procedure can be used to spam a userOtherVerifiedAllThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14707AdminDelegation refers to legacy widget layoutNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
14706Decrease count of bad usages of Language->getText()internal improvementTranslationUnder implementationdevelopmentNicolas Terray (nterray)
14705Daily reports are not sentBot MattermostUnder review11.12Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14699add accessibility pattern for labelenhancementUX/UINewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14698add accessibility pattern for Open Id connectenhancementUX/UINewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14697add accessibility pattern for trackerUX/UINewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14696Bind_Ugroups does not properly check field dependenciesTrackersUnder reviewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14693Export linked artefacts in Files serviceDelivery/File release systemNewAllJérôme Averty (javerty)
14690Fix translated content not cleanedUnder reviewdevelopmentYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
14687HTML entities displayed in feedback in TrackerTrackersNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
14674Invalid URL in email notifications for @mentionsUX/UINewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14672Tracker: Increase max columns and be able to sortTrackersNewJérôme Averty (javerty)
14671Erroneously get an error pageDoc/Documentation managerNewAurélien Tisné (atisne)
14654Do not repeat trackers XML templatesinternal improvementOtherUnder implementationAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14647In project creation we should check in project name is already takenenhancementNewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14627Unwanted redirection after document deletionDoc/Documentation managerNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14626Tuleap CLI crash on old el7 setupNew11.9Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14623Create project from Agile ALM template is brokenProject adminUnder implementationdevelopmentManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14619not able to start TTM once Scrum startedNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
14609Ask if user is logged when he got 'file not found' errorUnder implementationLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
14603tuleap-plugin-git does not installSCM/GitAcknowledged11.11Jeff CLAY (jeffclay)
14602Harden handling of sensitive stringsOtherUnder implementationThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14599Remove useless @inheritDoc annotationsDev toolsUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14597MediaWiki 'Print page as PDF'; several problemsMediawikiNew11.9Michael Mounteney (mounty)
14586OIDC provider should reference Google icon instead of Google Plusinternal improvementAuthentication & LDAPNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14578Project export in relative folder is broken if it contains gitImport | ExportNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14568MOTD should be purifiedinternal improvementUX/UIUnder reviewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14567Moving an artifact from task to story makes it disappearTrackersNewJoris MASSON (jmasson)
14565tlp should be imported by all its usersinternal improvementOtherUnder implementationJoris MASSON (jmasson)
14560Weird reorder behavior w/ add in placeAgile DashboardNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
14551Incorrect Date format in Column "Last Update Date"TrackersNewAllSandra Echinard (sechinard)
14538Project creation check user names for shortname projectNewLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
14526SSL for MySQLOtherNewAllJeff CLAY (jeffclay)
14523Start TTM raise a warning about 'ttmstepdef' fieldTest ManagementNew11.11Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14522TaskBoard edit in place of assigned doesn't allow to remove someone that cannot be assignedAgile DashboardNew11.11Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14520Merge the specfile of the Enterprise plugins into the main specfilesOtherUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14517documentation Project Web Site danger section must be on danger feedbackNewLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
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