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Latest News

Tuleap 7.11

Grab it while it's not, latest release of 7.X cycle featuring drag'n drop in kanban, permissions on Agile Dashboard and new mediawiki extensions https://www.tuleap.org/releases/7.11/tuleap-release-note.html
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm) 2 years ago · Tuleap

New Release : 7.10

A new release 7.10 is now available at this URL : https://tuleap.net/file/showfiles.php?group_id=101
Nicolas Terray (nterray) 2 years ago · Tuleap

2015 First Release

A new release 7.9 is now available for this new year: https://www.tuleap.org/releases/7.9/release-notes.html.
Sandra Echinard (sechinard) 2 years ago · Tuleap

Tuleap 7.7

A new release is available. Check out the release notes: https://www.tuleap.org/releases/7.7/release-notes.html
Sandra Echinard (sechinard) 2 years ago · Tuleap