Here users, developers and all contributors meet to develop Tuleap, the full open source ALM.

What is Tuleap?

Tuleap is a full free Open Source Suite for Application Lifecycle Management. Traditional development, Requirement Management, Agile Development, IT Service management... Tuleap makes software projects more productive, collaborative and industrialized.

Who is this for?

Developers, Project managers, Agilers, Quality managers, CEO, Businesses... All stakeholders creating innovative applications.

Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, free projects, public organizations.


Tuleap is a libre and open source software. It is provided under GPLv2 license.
You can leverage all Tuleap features for unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited time.

How to contribute?

Report a bug

Found a bug? Notice that Tuleap isn’t behaving the way you think it should?
Help us to track bugs by reporting it in our tracker.

Report a bug

Suggest a new feature

Got an awesome idea for Tuleap?
Suggest your feature in our Requests tracker and the community will discuss how to implement it.

Suggest a feature

Contribute code

There's a lot to do! All code contributions are welcomed, whether its a new feature or a bug fix. Just keep in mind we have a validation workflow :)

Contribute code

Help other users

Whether you are a newcomer to Tuleap or an expert, you can help other users by answering their questions on the SuperUser website or on our mailing lists.

Help users

What are we doing right now?

The Tuleap project promotes agile principles, transparence & libre software spirit.

Tuleap developers deliver working software early and often to put it in the hands of the users as soon as possible. A new Tuleap release is provided once a month with enhancements, bug fixes and labs features.

There are many items in the backlog.

Latest News

Tuleap 7.11

Grab it while it's not, latest release of 7.X cycle featuring drag'n drop in kanban, permissions on Agile Dashboard and new mediawiki extensions
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm) 1 year ago · Tuleap

New Release : 7.10

A new release 7.10 is now available at this URL :
Nicolas Terray (nterray) 1 year ago · Tuleap

2015 First Release

A new release 7.9 is now available for this new year:
Sandra Echinard (sechinard) 1 year ago · Tuleap

Tuleap 7.7

A new release is available. Check out the release notes:
Sandra Echinard (sechinard) 1 year ago · Tuleap