Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2017-12-06)

    Referencing rel #10588

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10811 Do not display soap documentation
    request #10619 Warning when a developper ask for a glyph of a plugin that does not exist
    request #10815 Each access to a report log information not needed
    request #10814 Allow usage of remote database for tuleap-aio image
    request #10803 Error when restarting Tuleap in docker
    request #10742 Move "build and run" tests to the test pipeline
    request #10810 Document TLP angular / fetch API
    request #10795 LDAP Sync notification mail contains a faulty URL
    request #10816 Adding a new widget is painfully slow when the user has access to CI jobs with empty name
    request #10812 Remove unusable web MUC
    request #10817 gettext extraction in mustache does not work when same translation found multiple times in the same report
    request #10822 BurningParrot does not include custom footer.js
    request #10825 Tuleap backend logs should respect configured logger level
    request #10826 Can't delete project members anymore
    request #10820 Tuleap development environment should leverage docker-compose >2
    request #10829 XSS in autocompleters API responses
    request #10834 Unable to display passwords
    request #10839 SQL injection in tracker report search when a criteria is a cross references or a permissions on artifact field
    request #10824 tuleap-aio, starting tuleap requires database connexion
    request #10840 Can no longer run tracker tests individually
    request #10735 Merge Kanban and externalize angular webpack configs into one
    request #10805 Fine grained permissions not editable in personal fork
    request #10844 None must be saved in MSB field is no value selected
    request #10842 Make parsing of Gitolite logs more resilient
    request #10845 TLP post route
    request #10848 Tuleap with PHP 5.6 set a low limit for uploaded file size
    request #10838 Cross tracker search plugin throw fatal errors when many users are in project
    request #10850 nodegettext should never be in devDependencies
    request #10847 Impossible to access to modifications of a file that has been renamed in a PR
    request #10828 References are only listed when on the first line of commit message
    request #10827 Remove link to documentation in legacy services
    request #10854 XSS on pages where an Angular app can be loaded
    request #10849 XSS in reference tooltips
    request #10856 Use latest Karma test Docker image
    request #10860 Enlarge your max_input_vars
    request #10855 Translation files processing might lead to a php core dump
    request #10857 PHP 5.6: mail_2_db.php hardcoded to use php 5.3
    request #10859 Tuleap SOAP API does not work if you use a PHP 5.6 setup
    request #10866 Dashboard with many jenkins widget takes ages to load
    request #10863 PHP 5.6: need custom routing rule for soap in statistics plugin
    request #10846 Gettext should be able to parse javascript files in core
    request #10851 Suspended users should be excluded from members count
    request #10861 Autocomplete must returns LDAP and local users
    request #10818 Default value from Open List not taken into account
    request #10862 Downloading large files might reach PHP memory limit if buffering is enabled
    request #10592 Updating artifacts by e-mail, should not only work when the artifact is the only addressed in the „To” field.
    request #10864 Last modified by in card fields causes fatal error in REST routes
    request #10580 Kanban widget should not change the dashboard url
    request #10831 Tracker notifications should be in a dedicated class
    request #10858 Upgrade sodium_compat library to 1.4.0
    request #10868 Logs unhandled exceptions thrown during a REST call
    request #10867 Cannot disable custom service
    request #10837 Tuleap-realtime receives fields already filtered
    request #10872 Run PHPUnit tests with PHP 5.6
    request #10869 Do not accumulate SYSTEM_CHECK events
    request #10874 Mediawiki cleanup tool doesn't take into account configured DB name
    request #10873 Project type and template is important information
    request #10875 Remove gulp from kanban test and coverage tasks
    request #10876 Query consistency is not checked before execution when creating a new cross tracker report
    request #10878 Deleted types must be purged from arftifact link type usage
    request #10841 Information about some fields are retrieved in tracker report renderer but never used causing slow performances
    request #10870 Add asymmetric authentication to Tuleap cryptography API
    request #10865 Unable to comment an artifact that is using a hidden value of a required field
    request #10886 userperms is not compatible with register_globals off
    request #10880 Tracker administration link is displayed to non administrators
    request #10881 When a user group already exists exception is not well handled
    request #10039 Retrieve/update FRS packages via REST
    request #11114 Artifact CSV import does not properly deal with typed artifact link entries