Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2018-03-05 00:00)

    Referencing rel #10968

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10833 Issue with the "authenticated_users" user group.
    request #11067 Captcha configuration is not accessible with nginx
    request #11066 Introduce usage of prepared statements to query the SQL database
    request #11070 Add SOAP automated tests
    request #11071 DeprecationWarning in TQL grammar build
    request #11057 Irrelevant user info on a test not already run
    request #11069 Date picker is always in french
    request #11072 Move cross-tracker plugin to prepared statements and PDO
    request #10797 Kanban page title should be the name of the Kanban
    request #11063 kanban should be importable
    request #11061 XSS through wiki attachment
    request #10970 Artifact-modal: Replace restangular dependency
    request #11078 Fatal error on priority field
    request #10979 Implement Same-Site cookie and cookie prefixes protections
    request #11079 Migrate modal angular services to ES modules
    request #11073 Webpack to build FRS app
    request #11084 Email deduplication doesn't take empty emails into account
    request #11059 Rename default user Dashboard to "My Dashboard"
    request #11083 Can't "Start scrum" anymore
    request #11099 Welcome message on homepage should use the name of the instance
    request #11074 Move pull request plugin to prepared statements and PDO
    request #11031 Migrate burndown in D3 JS
    request #11106 Fix incorrect burndown ideal line start
    request #11107 Hiding closed pull requests does nothing
    request #11101 Use webpack for BurningParrot scripts
    request #10521 Improper handling of group related permissions in tracker report
    request #11103 Move "Done" semantic close to "Status"
    request #11110 API explorer is not anymore listed in /help/api.php
    request #11112 Characters outside the ASCII range are not well interpreted in mail notifications by some clients
    request #11114 Artifact CSV import does not properly deal with typed artifact link entries
    request #11113 Only writers can lock documents
    request #11118 Required selectbox field not open in edit mode when value is no more valid
    request #11116 Remove codendi path for rhel7 support
    request #11115 Include tuleap username in request headers
    request #11121 Tracker's "Manage Semantic" fields editing broken
    request #11124 Make post-checkout should not purge flaming parrot css
    request #10782 Disable usage of unix users and groups
    request #11119 Style links on homepage
    request #11089 Selectbox Static Values Empty Name Defect
    request #11128 Rename SOAP test suites to match TTM
    request #11129 Fatal error when modifying svn global admin permissions
    request #11127 SVN plugin notifications should not be sent as the user doing the action
    request #11130 Broken regexes in Git fine grained permissions can block any Git administrative operations
    request #11137 Weird error message when activating docman
    request #11136 Open redirect vulnerability on /my/redirect.php
    request #11134 Adding RSS widget triggers PHP warnings
    request #11138 Project administrator can be locked from document manager global administration service
    request #11155 Notifications should not be sent as the user doing the action
    request #11154 Files added to the FRS from the webdav interface are always empty
    request #11131 nginx should try to redirect the user to the Tuleap virtualhost if needed
    request #11132 Open List field causes a javascript error in artifact modal
    request #11048 Missing user status values in user details page
    request #11158 Computed field value might not be visible in the tracker artifact view
    request #11159 Introduce phpunit to run tests
    request #11160 API Explorer should not download stylesheet from an external source
    request #11135 Autocompleters are broken on site-admin
    request #11162 Reject PHPUnit unit tests not cleaning the global state after themselves
    request #11168 nginx timeout for reading a response from PHP-FPM should be aligned with the code expectations
    request #11172 Run phpunit tests with php7
    request #11165 Automated tests should use nginx & fpm
    request #11166 Project administrators don't always have global access for PHPWiki
    request #11169 Ugroups administration is not accessible when TV3 tracker admin group is present
    request #11174 Duplicated dynamic ugroups for legacy default template 100
    request #11173 Update paragonie/sodium_compat to 1.6.0
    request #11170 Reject PHPUnit unit tests that do not seem to assert anything
    request #11175 Remove iframe in continuous integration
    request #11178 Use vue-runtime only in labels widget
    request #11177 Slow SQL queries due to a missing primary key on the ugroup_user table
    request #11167 Allow to debug mediawiki per configuration
    request #11171 Downloading a file of the FRS from the webdav web browser plugin can lead to XSS
    request #11183 Dates might not be displayed in the document manager when browsing it in French
    request #11187 forgeupgrade configuration file is not deployed during the installation
    request #10760 generate-po should never been forgotten
    request #11076 Project dashboards should be part of xml import
    request #11191 Start scrum broken
    request #11186 When there are multiple labeled items widgets, some are not instantiated
    request #11195 Update distributed Tuleap integration tests to Selenium 3.9.1
    request #11201 Examples used LDAP configuration files should not potentially reference real objects
    request #11192 Filters set in tracker reports are vulnerable to SQL injections
    request #11200 Adapt SVN timeouts to deal with large commits
    request #11193 Resending activation emails does not work when users also need to be approved by a site administrator
    request #11190 Use eslint as a pre-commit hook
    request #11208 Can not filter a tracker report on last modified by or submitted by
    request #11213 Modal v2 broken on AD homepage
    request #11211 TTM categories are no longer displayed alpha ordered
    request #11216 Import of agile dashboard template is broken
    request #11217 Account takeover due to a missing CSRF protection on email address change functionnality