Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2018-09-17 00:00)

    Referencing rel #11901

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #12125 Use tlp-mocks for cross-tracker tests
    request #12116 Run SOAP tests in PHP 7.2
    request #12122 Get Tuleap dependencies related to Zend Framework with Composer
    request #11881 Add a feedback component to show errors for Kanban
    request #12129 Tuleap code should only be under Tuleap namespace (10.4 edition)
    request #12130 Do not hardcode project id in cypress suite
    request #11665 Import Graphs and edit modals dynamically in Kanban
    request #12134 Upgrade prettier and bulk-format all javascript
    request #12141 Have a dev environnement running PHP 7.2
    request #11386 Cross tracker search fails when query run over deleted trackers
    request #11889 Move GraphontrackerV5 plugin tests to PHPUnit
    request #12145 Get rid of bower
    request #12149 Bump Kanban dependency to ^2
    request #12143 Add minimal tests for Mediawiki
    request #12150 Reduce load pressure put on CI agents running Tuleap test suites
    request #12138 Remove FontAwesome 3.2.1 usage
    request #12097 Migrate the last pie charts to d3
    request #12135 Enforce javascript coding style in CI
    request #10626 Remove direct database access
    request #12151 The license of the sources should be easily found
    request #12155 Prettier pre-commit hooks outputs error message when no JS file is committed
    request #12084 Add form in plugin Tuleap_Synchro
    request #12170 Remove PEAR dependency in proftpd plugin
    request #12173 Add field is still displayed when we click on close button
    request #12144 Create database source_artifact_id
    request #12172 Full e2e tests can no longer export their results
    request #12185 Integrity checksum keeps changing in kanban's package-lock
    request #12156 PR from fork to origin leads to fatal error
    request #12177 Retrieve dependency of the Tracker Encryption plugin with Composer
    request #12178 Be able to run PHPUnit tests with code coverage without the full test suite
    request #9715 OpenID Connect plugin should log why a authentication has failed
    request #9527 OpenID Connect plugin does not work with Keycloak
    request #12126 Move away from PEAR Mail_Mime library
    request #12171 Add a time checker on details modal
    request #12199 Do not check prettier on deleted files
    request #12209 Error when copying an artifact
    request #12212 Ensure the Tuleap Vault plugin build and is tested against Vault 0.11.1
    request #12222 distlp tests can trigger timeout error
    request #12220 Modal to edit an artifact should retrieve data in parallel
    request #12223 Openlist bound on users should not load all the users when no default value is defined
    request #12218 Move REST tests to MySQL 5.7
    request #12219 Reset passord links are not invalidated on password change
    request #12195 FRS cypress tests are unstable
    request #12196 Remove not usable users and groups features from the deprecated PHPWiki service
    request #12197 Remove code related to "DbSession" from the deprecated PHPWiki service
    request #12233 OpenList are not usable while filtering artifacts through REST API
    request #11834 Accessing the homepage with query parameters ends up with a fatal error
    request #12238 Fatal error when browsing pull requests
    request #11888 Move Crosstracker plugin tests to PHPUnit
    request #12240 Fatal error while accessing a git repository
    request #12239 500 Internal Server Error when moving artefact on Agile Dahsboard
    request #12246 Use Go 1.11 and replace dep with Go modules for building Tuleap Vault plugin
    request #12241 Have smaller cards for git repositories in git service homepage
    request #12242 Remember view preference in git service homepage
    request #12250 Tracker webhook payload can be incorrect if email notifications are disabled
    request #12082 Usage of old themes can lead to issues
    request #12251 Trackers used in Test Management can be deleted
    request #12252 New project members not added in a bound ugroup
    request #12253 French spelling mistake in the placeholder of the permission request form
    request #12256 Disk usage pie chart does not show up
    request #12257 Forum mail notifications can throw a fatal error in some cases
    request #12255 New [Fork] button with existing fork doesn't redirect to the right URL
    request #12258 Fork button should not be displayed to non-project members
    request #12267 Update of cross repository pull requests breaks diff