Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2018-10-11)

    Referencing rel #12154

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #12263 Remove IM plugin
    request #12261 Webpackify graphontrackersv5
    request #12271 Translate Cross-tracker widget with vue-gettext
    request #12272 Can not restart PHP-FPM after PHP-FPM upgrade
    request #11133 Can't use "Start Scrum" if TTM is already activated
    request #12254 Cross references are not extracted from Git Commit
    request #11891 Move HudsonSVN plugin tests to PHPUnit
    request #11892 Move Label plugin tests to PHPUnit
    request #11894 Move ReferenceAlias plugins tests to PHPUnit
    request #12280 Use an autoload generated by Composer for the cardwall plugin
    request #12279 Update to Git 2.12
    request #12289 Initial burnup calculation should be done on changeset value
    request #12284 Getting the list of the impacted files of a PR through the REST API can be slow
    request #12267 Update of cross repository pull requests breaks diff
    request #12281 Use an autoload generated by Composer for the Tuleap Core
    request #12290 Field values used in trigger must not be deletable
    request #12291 Add minimal support of submodules
    request #12275 Upgrade Angular version to latest in Kanban, PlanningV2 and TestManagement
    request #12296 Can no longer add items directly in sub-milestone
    request #12298 Block access to the tracker SOAP API by default
    request #12300 Git post receive actions are not entirely processed when using RHEL/CentOS7
    request #12304 Change TLP modal subtitle color
    request #12303 Burndown on agile dashboard homepage is gone
    request #12305 Create test env update for more complex projects
    request #12316 Wrong shebang on project export script
    request #12307 Cannot configure velocity => getting mustache error
    request #12297 Javascript error in the edit campaign modal with changing categories
    request #12235 Drop usage of InoOicClient library in the OpenIDConnect client plugin
    request #12278 Tuleap cryptography API should work out of box on PHP 7.2 with php-sodium
    request #12320 create_test_env generate a daily activity snapshot
    request #12328 Bump sodium_compat library to 1.7.0 for a "free" performance boost
    request #12333 Link to tracker appears escaped in Edit Kanban modal
    story #11980 Refactoring: use easygettext for translations
    request #12306 Allow plugins to publish "computed" metrics
    request #12317 Cannot delete an artifact in some large project due to Gateway error
    request #12321 Block access to the POST /git/{id}/build_status endpoint
    request #11729 use vue-gettext in colorpicker
    request #12343 Unable to upload files using the artifact modal on Chrome 64
    request #12195 FRS cypress tests are unstable
    request #12347 Use an autoload generated by Composer for the admindelegation plugin
    request #12349 Use an autoload generated by Composer for the archivedeleteditems plugin
    request #12352 Have a useful report by default for kanban
    request #12353 Bump to JpGraph to 4.2.4 for the PHP 7 support
    request #12354 Cardwall render is broken when list field value is null
    request #10040 REST tests do not rely anymore on constants
    request #12360 git post-receive stuff doesn't work on c7
    request #12338 I can no longer select the type of link when I add one
    request #12355 Remove dead code with security vulnerabilities related to Gerrit communication
    request #11821 Cannot not attach file in Tracker
    request #12365 Update DOMPurify to 1.0.8
    request #12369 Gantt "today" bar disappeared after jpgraph update
    request #12356 Massmail and forumML (CC option) are not working when sent to several people
    request #12351 Tracker XML import doesn't import field associated to a cardwall
    request #12372 Have an event to fetch additional artifact action buttons
    request #12375 Clean Readme
    request #12376 Cannot access the project permission request page
    request #12377 Tuleap Realtime server crashes on start
    request #12379 Fatal error when saving an empty cardwall
    request #12382 When artifact link are disabled and artifact has a hierarchy, actions button is fetch multiple times
    request #12378 git 2.12 breaks migration to gerrit