story #12458 DnD on an existing file creates a new version
DnD on an existing file creates a new version
  • User can not create a new version if he drops more than one file.
    • For instance, I have two exiting files in Tuleap: File A and File B
    • On my user computer I have two files: File B and File C
    • => the drag and drop of B & C will be refused. Dropping won't be accepted.
  • If user tries to perform the action and is not authorized (Someone locked the file after page load, he does not have admin permission of folder after a permission update) then an error will be displayed.
  • There is a spinner displayed until the file is totally uploaded.
  • When another user tries to download a document that has a new version currently uploading, the user downloads the last complete version of the document (and not the currently uploading one).
  • The document version creation is not displayed in history until the upload is not finished with success.
  • If there is an existing approval table on the file, an error is displayed, and the link to the corresponding approval table is shown to the user.
  • There is an error if a user tries to create a version when an other user is already creating a new version of the same file.
  • If the document is locked by the user who is dropping himself, then when we upload a new version of the file, it creates a new version, and the lock is kept on the new version.
  • Given I have a file a.txt in my docman, when I drop B.txt on a.txt, then it creates a new version of a.txt, content of b.txt will replace existing content (same behaviour as now)

To do this we use a new REST route PATCH docman_files/:id


if two uploads are launched in the same time then user shoud have a conflit

Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
2019-02-27 14:29
2018-10-26 16:04


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