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21368create mirrored iteration2021-06-11 12:36N/AOn going
21792define Teams associated to Programs2021-06-11 16:58N/ATo be done
21793configure Program Management2021-06-11 17:00N/ATo be done
21794display Program Management configuration errors2021-06-11 17:08N/ATo be done
21795choose project colors in apperance2021-06-11 20:21N/ATo be done
21386dry run REST project creation2021-05-21 14:27N/ATo be done
21342auto disable site banner after a given time2021-05-18 17:24N/ATo be done
21385display Program's iterations2021-05-20 16:42N/ATo be done
18320native support of pull requests in tuleap branch source jenkins plugin2021-06-18 11:36N/AOn going
21336create a development branch on GitLab out of an artifact2021-06-22 14:04N/AOn going
21791see Programs & Teams in sidebar2021-06-22 12:36N/AOn going
21362Base artifact timeframe on a linked artifact2021-06-22 15:32N/AOn going
19275restrict who can see comments2021-04-26 08:54N/AOn going
20110import a new follow-up comment with CSV import2021-03-19 15:38N/ATo be done
20108have the artifact comment in my CSV export2021-03-26 16:13N/ATo be done
19731manage steps in REST API: PUT /artifacts/:id2021-03-05 13:51N/ATo be done
18338complete markdown support in trackers2020-11-20 14:38N/ATo be done
18339efficient markdown2020-11-20 14:39N/ATo be done
18006« + New » button, extend to other services than tracker2020-12-08 09:24N/ATo be done
16126[release management] update of Aggregator Milestone2020-07-23 12:56N/ATo be done
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