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I want to
14373Activate only Taskboard, only Cardwall or bothTo be done
14310stop being bothered by the hidden add-in-place editor when I drag and drop some cardsTo be done
14291Beautiful tracker creationTo be done
14254have a post action to remove "Scrum Top Backlog" flagTo be done
14251have Real-time updateTo be done
14151Update the assigned-to semantic of a cardOn going
14149Drag and drop to move a card between swimlanesTo be done
14131Have an automatic notification to be sent to the inactive user on suspension dayOn going
14112know which Tuleap is runningOn going
14096have a post action to add "Scrum Top Backlog" flagOn going
14095Collapse "Done" column when I click on "Hide closed items"To be done
14050filter cardsTo be done
14031Have global progress indicator on the milestoneTo be done
14030See all card fieldsTo be done
14024be able to recover my account when I have lost my TOTP deviceTo be done
14020have a OAuth2 server at Tuleap side to grant Jenkins permissionsTo be done
14019have a Tuleap Jenkins pluginTo be done
14018have a central management of users and groupsTo be done
14017display baselines in tracker report table viewTo be done
14016set and update baseline permissionsTo be done
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