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15102highlight informations to the end user2020-07-10 13:35To be done
15096export a report of tests for a milestone2020-07-10 17:25To be done
15094have more effective test plan2020-07-10 17:13To be done
15066Map Jira users with Tuleap users2020-07-09 09:26On going
14999Reports based on Jira filters2020-06-23 17:17On going
14897see rendered html diff in artifact changes2020-05-26 14:05To be done
14889Create a new test with "light" modal2020-05-13 15:21To be done
14887Display Backlog Items status2020-07-01 20:13On going
14885Display “Other tests”2020-05-15 09:46To be done
14883Add missing informations on test campaigns2020-05-13 15:10To be done
14832convert an Open List field into a Multi Select Box2020-04-23 16:55To be done
14828display dates with both absolute and relative dates2020-05-11 14:55To be done
14824change color of "none" value2020-07-10 11:27To be done
14822Log who has created/updated/deleted Download Agreements2020-04-22 16:19To be done
14670display a site wide banner (motd)2020-04-08 14:16To be done
14600create full artifact in kanban2020-02-27 12:08To be done
14561Recertification reminders2020-02-19 09:30To be done
14558Recertify a project 2020-02-18 16:36To be done
14557Change Project Privacy2020-02-18 16:19To be done
14555To be removed : Change Project Privacy2020-02-17 14:27To be done
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