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17181reference tuleap artifacts in gitlab branches2020-10-07 10:46N/ATo be done
19285limit the max size of files that can be commited in a subversion repository2021-02-10 09:34N/ATo be done
18337markdown replace text2021-01-28 15:25N/ATo be done
19275restrict who can see comments2021-03-04 17:35N/AOn going
18320native support of pull requests in tuleap branch source jenkins plugin2021-02-10 18:06N/AOn going
18408plan Features in Program Increment2021-03-02 14:13N/AOn going
19726improve jira project import2021-03-05 11:54N/ATo be done
19304manage steps in REST API: GET /artifacts/:id2021-03-05 13:52N/ATo be done
19734have a Roadmap widget on dashboard2021-03-05 15:13N/ATo be done
19730manage steps in REST API: POST /artifacts2021-03-05 13:51N/ATo be done
19731manage steps in REST API: PUT /artifacts/:id2021-03-05 13:51N/ATo be done
18338complete markdown support in trackers2020-11-20 14:38N/ATo be done
18339efficient markdown2020-11-20 14:39N/ATo be done
18006« + New » button, extend to other services than tracker2020-12-08 09:24N/ATo be done
17183trigger artifact changes based on pull requests status2020-10-07 13:15N/ATo be done
16126[release management] update of Aggregator Milestone2020-07-23 12:56N/ATo be done
16128[release management] display of releases in Planning view2020-07-23 15:21N/ATo be done
16159[taskboard] display a taskboard of Aggregator milestones2020-07-24 15:44N/ATo be done
16160[project management] interface to manage Aggregator and Contributor projects2020-07-24 15:48N/ATo be done
16161[project management] define project templates2020-07-24 15:50N/ATo be done
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