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17882define cross project hierarchy between Features and User Stories2020-10-16 16:13To be done
17880define Program Planning2020-10-16 15:43To be done
17879add Teams to Programs2020-10-16 16:21To be done
17878rename Multi Project Backlog into Scaled Agile2020-10-16 15:21To be done
17551apply background image on all project pages2020-10-19 16:41On going
17183trigger artifact changes based on pull requests status2020-10-07 13:15To be done
17182reference tuleap artifacts in gitlab merge requests2020-10-07 11:22To be done
17181reference tuleap artifacts in gitlab branches2020-10-07 10:46To be done
17180take into account gitlab commits2020-10-14 09:59To be done
17178reference my gitlab repositories in my tuleap project2020-10-19 14:18On going
16651have searchable (multi) select boxes with user group binding2020-09-07 10:40To be done
16650have avatars in searchable (multi) select boxes2020-09-07 10:38To be done
16649have searchable (multi) select boxes with user binding2020-09-07 10:36To be done
16648have decorators on SelectX fields2020-09-07 10:34To be done
16647manage dependencies between arbitrary number of SB & MSB, static binding2020-09-07 10:32To be done
16646have searchable (multi) select boxes with (static binding, no dependencies) in modal2020-09-09 08:51To be done
16645have searchable (multi) select boxes with (static binding, no dependencies)2020-10-19 16:08On going
16216automate Test results from jenkins to Tuleap2020-09-09 16:20On going
16210Remove navigation bar2020-09-17 09:56On going
16209« Switch to… » button2020-09-16 09:59On going
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