Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    22 (2019-04-03)

    Referencing rel #12561

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #12385 Delegate plateform anonymous check to cypress
    request #13040 Remove & clean usage of PATH_INFO in Tuleap core
    request #11582 It's no longer possible to select which categories are available at project creation
    request #13013 Internal Tuleap API should not expose multiple ways to work with DB transactions
    request #13048 Merge src/common/project and src/common/Project
    request #13051 .mo files are not anymore generated
    request #13053 Setup code coverage for the PHPUnit unit tests test suite
    request #13049 Disallow jasmine bad practices with eslint
    request #13056 Timetracking symbols leaked in core
    request #12509 Have plateform statistics in home page
    request #13050 Convert pluginsadministration to gettext
    request #13032 Drop legacy site home page
    request #13065 Convert admindelegation to gettext
    request #10008 BurningParrot: have a condensed mode
    request #13061 Remove extra space between project table dans tlp-tabs on project dashboard
    request #13077 Link to tracker missing in Kanban configuration in French
    request #13074 Improper URL results to: "details§ion=notifications is not supported"
    request #13066 Purge RSS that are exported by Tuleap
    request #13076 I can no longer bind project members to a ldap group
    request #13078 Remove usages of double underscores methods and functions
    request #12835 Downloading a LFS file via the web UI download URL on a deleted repository crashes
    request #13038 Introduce static analysis of the PHP codebase with vimeo/psalm
    request #13068 Start enforcing Tuleap PHP coding standard in CI pipelines
    request #13082 Broken action buttons in quicklook when user can't write
    request #13084 Move unit tests to the Tuleap cryptography API to PHPUnit
    request #12944 Restricted user tests should be done by cypress
    request #13085 Retry once the flaky E2E tests in the nightly test pipeline in case of failure
    request #13024 Deleting a reference generates errors
    request #13081 Tus specification is not respected when trying to use a non supported version of the protocol
    request #13088 Convert archivedeleteditems to gettext
    request #13091 Simpletest tracker test suite is broken
    request #13094 logrotate complains about file mode of logrotate.d/tuleap_pullrequest
    request #13092 XML project import no longer report parse errors
    request #13096 Triggers are not applied
    request #13099 Webhook at project activation can crash if no administrators has been choosen
    request #13098 Create test env plugin has missing dependencies to tracker and bot mattermost plugins
    request #13103 End to end distlp tests are broken
    request #13090 Docman version creation should have a locker
    request #13102 Tracker follow-up comments: display changes with a lot of artifact links waste a lot of resources
    request #13093 Ensure DB connection is still up after archiving an artifact before its deletion
    request #13015 User should not be able to expand/collapse folder untill it's totally loaded
    request #13045 New docman interface crash
    request #13107 Git branch must be well displayed if it contains something like a sha1
    request #13106 Document should be available on IE11
    request #13097 Artifact deletion or move should archive item only if archivedeleteditem plugin is installed
    request #13080 In new UI drag and drop a folder creates an empty file (0 byte), this should not be possible
    request #13108 Drag and drop is not supported by IE 11
    request #13111 User search in Tuleap global search is broken
    request #13101 Convert OIDC plugin to gettext
    request #13110 Fulltext search plugin must be removed
    request #13116 Run SimpleTest unit test suite with PHP 7.3 in the nightly test run
    request #13105 Convert TTM plugin to gettext
    request #13117 User can update an artifact keeping the same integer value
    request #13119 User can update an artifact keeping the same float value
    request #13069 Remove all but index.php from src/www
    request #13127 User can update an artifact keeping the same permission on artifact value
    request #13125 Cardwall settings are not saved
    request #13124 Ensure no mock from Mockery are created in PHPUnit data providers
    request #13136 Using a reference with a description formatted like an internal reference generates a crash
    request #13141 Velocity value msut be computed even if no workflow is set
    request #13128 Drop unused Docman_NodeToRootVisitor class
    request #13140 Multiple values can be stored in DB for semantic velocity field
    request #13138 some display problems on Timetracking widgets
    request #13142 Avoid future problems for Timetracking Rest tests
    request #12935 Remove all usages of the PHP function each()
    request #13151 Upload of large file using the tus protocol can not be restarted in a dev environnement
    request #13152 Calling GET /api/projects to find projects with the timetracking enabled crashes
    request #13149 Remove all usages of the function crypt()
    request #13150 New baseline icons
    request #13157 Make sure code does not use deprecated PHP features
    request #13166 Run REST test suite with PHP 7.3 in the nightly test run
    request #13159 "Full Installation" guide does not work properly on CentOS 7
    request #13168 Run SOAP test suite with PHP 7.3 in the nightly test run
    request #13064 TLP alerts should always display an icon so color blind people see the difference
    request #13129 Do not let spin when no trackers available on trackers selector of Timetracking Overview widget
    request #13095 Add tests on vue components in docman
    request #13169 Allow to use FontAwesome icons as sidebar icons in flamingparrot
    request #13133 A REST API user can not download a document manager file
    request #13185 TLP radio and checkbox fields info should be under field label
    request #13172 Fix bad displayed trackers field on Crosstracker's widget and Timetracking Overview
    request #13189 Remove JSON-based plugins hooks cache
    request #13199 DB error while executing simpletest test suite
    request #13201 Have a way to disable document ui as default ui on platforms
    request #13205 Workflow CI URL post actions should not allow whitespaces
    request #13206 In new docman Ui we should have a link enabling user to drop item from old view
    request #13204 embedded should be cliackable and redirect on legacy display