Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2019-11-14 00:00)

    Referencing rel #13801

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #14033 Error 500 is raised by news permission per group panel
    request #14054 Jenkins CSRF token is considered as invalid since Jenkins LTS 2.176.2
    request #14058 Convert frs plugin to gettext
    request #13989 Gitolite shell raises warning for Git over HTTP operations when port used by the client can not be determined
    request #14060 Convert svn plugin to gettext
    request #14061 Remove dead code (cross search)
    request #14047 Delete tracker should have a back-end validation
    request #14068 Docman administration loads wrong CSS stylesheet
    request #14069 Error while generating translation file for docman
    request #14049 Delete webhook logs when deleting a git webhook
    request #14022 Upgrade clean unused to clean unused midawiki db for non template project
    request #14048 Slowness at artifact creation
    request #14077 Document vue error should be rethrown to help debug
    request #14083 Remove Call Me Back
    request #14062 Remove dead code (global admin)
    request #13986 Anonymous user have "add to dashboard" button in kanban
    request #14092 Pin Cypress version to 3.4.1 to avoid crash
    request #14059 Wrong error on CSV preview import
    request #13963 Bump to squizlabs/php_codesniffer to 3.5.2
    request #14101 Update to DOMPurify 2.0.7
    request #14104 Get user's artifacts query is not well documented on api explorer
    request #13487 Run Tuleap test suites with PHP 7.4
    request #14105 Agile dashboard is not properly uninstalled
    request #14065 Remove old workflow administration view
    request #14106 Update to Cypress v3.6.0
    request #14057 Add Cypress test for Workflow Simple mode
    request #14109 Always display the switch to explicit top backlog once activated in AD administration page
    request #14111 Upgrade to Typescript 3.7
    request #14117 Update to Psalm 3.6.4
    request #14094 All groups members should display all its members
    request #14118 Project banner can not be closed/re-opened on FlamingParrot pages with IE11
    request #14007 tracker fields list bound to custom user groups does not take user status in account
    request #14119 Missing OPTIONS method for taskboard_cards/:id/children
    request #14120 Avoid multiple ugroup_modify with same parameters
    request #14124 Alphatical sort is case sensitive on field edition front end
    request #14123 Stop adding is-at-top class on the body of FlamingParrot pages
    request #14121 Add an element between the project banner and the navbar bullhorn