Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2020-01-08)

    Referencing rel #14137

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #14130 Make possible to build Tuleap on Node.js 12.x
    request #14284 npm lockfiles are not used when building external plugins
    request #12724 Format Vue template with newer Prettier
    request #14285 Document UI crashes under some undetermined conditions
    request #14264 project creation : HTML5 validation prevents to display project shortname in edit mode
    request #14287 drop possibility to disable new document UI by default
    request #14276 Add new artifact wrongly displayed in tracker report graph preview
    request #14293 Personnal dashboard page leads to a blank page
    request #14216 Bump to Mockery 1.3.0
    request #13879 Switch development stack to mysql 5.7
    request #14191 Remove from top backlog should have consistent icon
    request #14300 assets of modal of project creation are not globally build
    request #14301 Fix phpcs pre-commit output
    request #14305 Update to PHPUnit 8.5
    request #14309 document wiki test setup for cypress is broken
    request #14308 Improve tokenization performance of mustache.php templates
    request #14306 Campaigns cannot be opened
    request #14303 Run Jest, ESLint and Prettier with node 13 in the CI pipeline
    request #14311 BurnUp curve is broken
    story #14190 get email notifications on pull requests - first stage
    request #14312 Remove message about corrupted document manager approval tables
    request #14316 Crosstracker unit test must uses the right class field to mock
    request #14294 Execute Psalm and phpcs on the whole codebase when testing master
    request #14122 Initial effort and Done semantics are not duplicated at project creation
    request #14317 CleanUpGitoliteAdminRepo must not print command result
    request #14313 Drop support of Digest authentication for Gerrit servers
    request #14320 Gerrit REST driver should use a PSR-18 HTTP client
    request #14324 Update to Mockery 1.3.1
    request #14193 Project banner with very long content and taskboard doesn't play well together
    request #14247 Trackers multiselect box field is very small
    request #14325 Use Browser::isIE11 to detect IE11
    request #13708 Cleanup unused use statements and enforce it in the Tuleap PHP coding standards
    request #14331 Consistency checker rely on boolean to check template availability
    request #14326 Add Romain Lorentz to the integrators
    request #14333 Bump PHPCompatibility to 9.3.5
    request #14330 Under some conditions files can not be added to a FRS package
    request #14337 Sidebar hides part of the page when the cardwall fullscreen mode is exited
    request #14341 Enforce PSR-2 rule "Closing class brace must be on a line by itself"
    request #14319 Default nginx configuration should also listen on IPv6
    request #14339 Use CentOS 7 as the base image to run REST tests
    request #14338 Migrate from Zend packages to Laminas
    request #14327 Update to Psalm 3.8.1
    request #14345 Export/import tracker report text criteria in XML
    request #14332 Arguments with default values must be at the end of the argument list
    request #14350 Increase allowed memory limit to run PHPUnit unit tests
    request #14352 Add a dedicated cache storage for XML criteria value
    request #14343 project licence agreement should be displayed in a modal
    request #14353 Build fail after a 'npm ci' at the source root
    request #14351 Expect 1 space after the closing brace of a control structure
    request #14356 LoaderSchedulerTest does not clean the file it creates
    request #14283 Upgrade dev dependencies December 2019 edition
    request #14289 Fix bad display of the split button in test steps
    request #14365 Tuleap request to delete a project on Gerrit always end with a 404
    request #14348 Export/import tracker report static list criteria in XML