Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2020-03-04 00:00)

    Referencing rel #14269

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #14516 Replace jimdo/prometheus_client_php by tuleap/prometheus-client
    request #14519 Migrate existing logger interface to PSR-3
    request #14525 Update to Psalm 3.8.4
    request #14529 Do not depend on concrete logger implementations
    request #14528 Update to PHPUnit 9
    request #14514 Improve reliability of the tracker workflow end-to-end test
    request #14405 Glossify new project creation
    request #14524 Remove unused localized label in StaticText
    request #14471 Update to guzzle/psr7 1.6.1
    request #14527 Remove useless @param and @return annotations in PHP code
    request #14484 FieldVisitor is incomplete
    request #14507 XML import/export : docman (basic)
    request #14534 Refuse CSV import files that are not in UTF8
    request #14535 Play Jest tests in CI pipeline with some parallelism
    request #14515 Add end-to-end tests for taskboard
    request #14539 Move FRS plugin to BurningParrot
    request #14520 Merge the specfile of the Enterprise plugins into the main specfiles
    request #14537 Fatal error in RSS Reader when the HTTP client throws an exception
    request #13052 Remove Plugin::SCOPE_USER
    request #14513 Do not save project name|description with HTML entities
    request #14544 Remove deprecated method Group::getUnconvertedPublicName()
    request #14533 Sub-elements always has the "Remove from top backlog" quick action
    request #14067 Add cypress test for the kanban
    request #14547 Update cypress version to v4.x
    request #14546 Forgeupgrade bucket b202001101700_enable_plugin_api_explorer is not replayable
    request #14548 Default sys_level_logger generates PHP notices
    request #14530 "Artifact submitter" used in Select Box displays users only when it is not associated with another group
    request #14368 Support sign-in with any personal Microsoft account or Azure AD account
    request #14554 Fix bad alignement of homepage statistic background
    request #14553 Methods in PHP code should have an explicit visibility
    request #14559 Update to Psalm 3.9.0
    request #14531 Update broken link about push notification for the Jenkins Git plugin
    request #14545 Artifact export is broken when an attachment is deleted
    request #14562 Misalignement of bottom border in tlp-tabs
    request #14566 Gitolite administration panel crashes in the site administration of the Git plugin
    request #14510 When no tuleap template is available on platform we should display an empty template
    request #14409 Memory limit exhausted while uploading git-lfs
    request #14573 Cypress tests should not rely on past test execution
    request #14572 Upgrade to TypeScript 3.8
    request #14575 Remove unused private elements in PHP code
    request #14574 Cypress tests for Xtracker earch breaks if the project is not the first one displayed in the widget lis
    request #14587 No more able to switch branches in git repository view
    request #14580 Remove unnecessary translate() method
    request #14063 Update Cypress tests for Agile Dashboard service
    request #14596 Timetracking widget table should be removed when plugin is uninstalled
    request #14569 XMl import crash when TTM is not instantiated on a project
    request #14602 Harden handling of sensitive strings
    request #14588 Remove versions of plugins and themes that are locked on the main Tuleap version
    request #14614 Do not use type assertion when accessing the DOM
    request #14613 Use ESLint to prevent some XSS when working with unsafe DOM APIs
    request #14615 burndown generate event is triggered even if configuration is no properly set
    request #14620 New project creation can throw error in console
    request #14621 Build the Tuleap Vault plugin with Go 1.14
    request #14617 GROUP_CONCAT will not retrieve all values if there are many
    request #13753 Use Lerna to install the JS dependencies of all Tuleap components
    request #14622 Update broken link about push notification for the Jenkins Git plugin (again)
    request #14628 Can no longer add artifact link types
    request #14630 create test env throws a fatal error if selected mattermost bot is deleted
    request #14631 Renaming a user group is not propagated to legacy SVN access files
    request #14384 Move all javascript build process to Webpack