epic #14724 Import from Jira - essentials
    Import from Jira - essentials


    The goal of this epic is to provide means to import existing jira tracker into Tuleap.

    As it's the first round on the subject, it's meant to put in place the mecanism and have a broad coverage of the import but it's not going to cover all use cases. It should fit most of basic/medium usage of the tool. If needed, a more complete feature set can be built on top of that.

    Not covered:

    • Advanced use of Jira
    • Plugins built on top of Jira
    • Dashboard and graphs
    • Other Altassian tools
    • Update of import. It's meant to be a 1 shot import
    • Bi-directional usage

    Ways of working

    The proposal is to leverage the new tracker creation interface and to have a new way to create a tracker: import from jira

    This will use Jira REST APIs to fetch tickets structure and data and create Tuleap counter part.

    The creation will be built on top of XML import. However, as XML import allows to forge users & dates it could be used to tamper data. So, every changeset created by XML import (jira or not) will be flagged in the DB with date and id of who made the actual import and there will be a visual mark on the tracker UI for tracker admins to inform them that the changeset was forged (note: there is already this kind of information for changesets created by email).

    The import from Jira is done asynchronously (redis queue) and there is a "Wait for it" illustration. As Jira calls can be slow, there is a retry mechanism.

    Users are imported using their display name (it's the only information we have from Jira). If corresponding user doesn't exist in Tuleap, everything is owned by the one who does the import.

    • Note: this can be changed in future when we find a better strategy

    As we don't have have any structure information from Jira APIs we need to propose a default layout for:

    • The artifact
    • A default report with columns and search criteria

    At the end of the import there should be some guidance for users, at least to propose them to re-organize their fields.

    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2020-07-23 15:57
    2020-03-27 11:57


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