epic #14951 Multi project backlog
    Multi project backlog

    This epic is under construction, feel free to ask questions and provides suggestions


    This epic aims to cover the need of "Agile Dashboard" backlog shared by several projects.

    There are many ways this can be envisioned but the main problem it should solve is to allow an organisation between "providers/aggregates":

    • There are providers projects that ship pieces of technologies
    • There are aggregates projects that assemble pieces of technologies to provider a delivery

    Terms and definitions

    • MPB: short for Multi Project Backlog
    • Contributor Project: corresponds to providers. It can be any kind of technologies: a project that is building a Image Analysis tool, Sound transformation as well as hardware tech like chip definition, etc.
    • Aggregator Project: corresponds to aggregates. A System Project combine several Techno Projects. 2 different Systems Projects can use the same Techno Project or use completely different Techno Projects.
    • Backlog Item: a unit of work such as a User Story, an Epic, a Requirement, etc.
    • Milestone: a container of unit of work such as Release, a sprint, an iteration. The container has a notion of time (it starts at a given date and it ends at a given date).
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2021-01-29 09:40
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