story #16633 invite buddies to my Tuleap
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invite buddies to my Tuleap

They find how to get an account on the platform.

We only deal with account creation here.

When the platform doesn't use a 3rd party authentication mecanism (ldap, openid connect, etc) people might face issues to create account before starting to use the platform.

So, for every user, on every page, there is an "invite" button (mockups pending). On click, there is a popup with:

  • An input to enter email addresses (comma separated)
  • A text area to optionally write a message to those people

On send:

  • for emails that match an account on the platform, the message is worded like "Ms/M X invited you to log on Z, your login name is ... with a link to the Tuleap site home page"
  • for emails not already known by Tuleap, the message tells to create an account and offer a link to "Register" page

When an account is created with an email that match an invitation, the persons who send the invitations get a notification "Ms/M J created an account on Z".

To limit spam:

  • Each user is limited to X number of invitations / day
  • When X is reached, the invitation button is disabled
  • X is defined in site administration, default is 20
  • [ ] Does it involves User Interface? 
  • [ ] Are there any mockups?
  • [ ] Are permissions checked?
  • [ ] Does it need Javascript development?
  • [ ] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
  • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
  • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
  • [ ] Is it exploratory?
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2020-10-14 08:48
2020-09-02 16:49

Referencing story #16633

Git commit


FlamingParrot Invite modal uses REST route 1c2eeb6721
Display "Invite" button 1f40b2771a
Anonymous user should not be able to invite buddies 5fe2cbb7cc
Display modal when we click on Invite button fc38998a90
Introduce max_invitations_by_day config variable 3de7ce0eac
Send invitation to register by email 57a17b6156
Site admin can update the Invite settings 3a4c0964c3
Add custom message in REST route 8665b5f3d2
Modal uses the REST route b66ed59c83
differenciate login/register invitation emails a981d36d99
Bind Invite button to Register button display 00f6a08146
in site admin: min = 1 7243656fb0
Modal can send a custom message 63c770b6aa
the send form can be submitted multiple times a3da90091d
Log status of each invitation in DB dbbce509f4
Mustachify mail contents 18e67742b4
Add basic instrumentation for Invite feature 39a46a8ebc
Invitation is complete when the user registers ddfb18dfea
Site admin knows who invited a user 429161467b
check quota: disable the button, add the check on REST route 4886909bf0
We should not throw an error when invite buddies button is not present 99638d2cbc
Remove feature flag 8fd8aa3af0
Translate the placeholder of the "Messsage" text area invitation modale d8b4b8e0fb
The placeholder of the E-mail input should be the same in FP and BP pages 71ddcd9983
Move Invite button after SwitchTo 068b8f67e1
Be more descriptive in Invite modal 5a68031609
Be more friendly in invitations mails 75b0caafa8