story #18408 plan Features in Program Increment
plan Features in Program Increment



This introduce a "Scaled Agile" front-end app that is very close to what existing "Planning" app does but with enough differences to need a dedicated app.


The goal of this app is to manage planning of Features in Program Increment and, later one to see how User Stories go in Team's Iterations.

At this stage, the app will:

  • Show Features that are ready for implementation (explicit backlog flag) on the left hand side of the screen
  • Allow creation of Program Increment (with mirrored milestones propagation in Teams)
  • Allow to drag'n drop Features in Program Increment
    • When a feature is dropped in a P.I., in downstream teams, corresponding User Stories will be planned in the mirrored milestones P.I.

For instance, Given

  • Given
    • Feature "F-1" in "Program P-1" project
      • User Story "US-1.1" in "Team Red" project
      • User Story "US-1.2" in "Team Blue" project
    • Program Increment "P.I. 1" in "Program P-1" project
      • "P.I. 1" mirrored milestone in "Team Red" project
      • "P.I. 1" mirrored milestone in "Team Blue" project
  • When
    • "F-1" is dragged'n dropped in "Program P-1"
  • Then
    • "US-1.1" is planned in "P.I. 1" mirrored milestone in "Team Red" project
    • "US-1.2" is planned in "P.I. 1" mirrored milestone in "Team Blue" project

The reverse operation is also supported:

  • Allow drag'n drop from "Program Increment" back into backlog
    • This is not possible is one of the downstream user story is already planned in an Iteration (sub milestone).


  • There is no "further protections" on planned User Stories in Team, that is to say that a Team can choose to move a User Story in another Program Increment (mirrored or not) or back in the Backlog so there will be an incoherence between what is planned in the Program and what is planned in the Teams. From a pure functional point of view it has no direct consequences, at the end of the day it means that the Feature will have a story that is not completed or completed as part of another P.I.
  • Further protection might be added later on but that cannot be done in place with Planning view ATM.
  • For the "removal" part, as there is no "sub-milestone" (Iterations) yet, the check for "sub-planning" is not done at this stage and will be implemented when Iterations will be added
  • The scrum part of Agile Dashboard is desactivated
  • [ ] Does it involves User Interface? 
  • [ ] Are there any mockups?
  • [ ] Are permissions checked?
  • [ ] Does it need Javascript development?
  • [ ] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
  • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
  • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
  • [ ] Is it exploratory?
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2022-01-03 16:44
2020-12-03 13:47

Referencing story #18408

Git commit


Display program backlog empty state 1b4dd709ba
Have empty state for both columns 194fbd1cd5
Add missing word in P.I. section empty state ? 223cdf6ed0
Add the Scaled Agile service a7c33a7318
Display project flags and privacy information in the scaled agile breadcrumb da68d01938
rest route projects/:id/scaled_agile_backlog eb7bf04307
display planable items as card 1eb792e2d9
Fix spelling mistake 5d9870b137
Add the tracker color on to be planned elements 54aeeb9325
Add REST endpoint to retrieve program increments 5c00a89389
Add the tracker color on to be planned elements e0d1ac3214
Add status and time frame information in the Program Increment representation 2c78f5d9bf
Start and end dates of a program increment should not be set to 1970 when no dates exist 3a18553e5c
Card should have accessibility 432bca10ba
Fix explicit dependency to the cardwall plugin ebe4208b05
Block access to the scrum sections of the agiledashboard in programs f472f393fb
Use the xref of the artifact instead of the tracker name on the backlog cards e13459802b
Display existing program increments e91fcf7b48
Pin header on scroll on the scaled agile backlog view c756f6b2c9
Program increment can be toggle cbb86293b8
Allow to re-use part of the infrastructure when searching features planned in P.I. 61c169a61c
Block 'Add to the top backlog' action of the Agile Dashboard when in a program 17547216c2
Do not show the "Add to Scrum top backlog" action in program project e202d2abfb
Remove check if scaled mirrored release can be added from agiledashboard 9e8803dc52
Features are only visible in the top backlog when they are explicitly added to it 0fe8e8c284
Remove dependency on planning configuration for program 32444bddcd
Remove redundant cast in the feature elements retriever 6d5fc6547c
Remove features from the top backlog when necessary 6426350925
Programs do not depend on the agile dashboard scrum explicit top backlog 0f26e41f33
Scaled agile should not check semantic for program increment top backlog tracker 9a8f943bb8
Replace TRACKER_EVENT_ARTIFACT_DELETE by an event class 8fe4070f49
Remove unused properties cbcc668e10
Create new program increment abb4e551dd
Indicate that we are creating a PI in artifact view cf5ea0e6d1
Decide which user groups can prioritize features when creating/updating a plan b946e2e91a
Update code to take the signature change of User_UGroup::getId into account c2e5b9cbf9
Project administrations display permissions related to the Scaled Agile plugin f2852bd504
GET /program_increments/:id/content ffc8772d2d
Rename the program management plugin to "program_management" d5e6f0740c
Display features inside program increment 22a8bbe215
App crashes if user does not have the accessiblity mode enabled a590f92bb7
Program content can be accessed without being a project admin ace765b03f
Features can be removed from the top backlog 3e28440ae8
Remove the dependency to tracker hierarchy 6d31e0cae1
Features can be added to the top backlog e2be40ce75
Feature prioritization is not reserved to project administrators 2080c51990
Feature can be added/removed to/from the top backlog via an action in the artifact view b3996cc31d
Features can be added to the program management top backlog via a mass change action aea7f5829d
Disable add/remove to/from top backlog artifact actions when submitting the query 33358436bc
Do not to add/remove elements the user cannot see to/from the agile dashboard top backlog 67ea0666cd
Plan a feature in program add links in corresponding team mirrored milestones 7406ae014b
Plan can be created with links 71a8c0e9c7
Add a "Add to top backlog" post action in programs 7d63a5a1ed
plan a feature should plan its user stories a8ebbc9cfa
Fix redundant cast in Tuleap\AgileDashboard\Workflow\AddToTopBacklogPostActionFactory 510b675387
Team user stories should not be planable in PI in order to be able to link feature and PI 360ae3e275
Move the drag and drop library outside the taskboard plugin f17b981872
remove a link unplan feature who are not planned in submilestones 3a2b680af2
Add a separator between the "To Be Planned" and "Program Increment" columns 0027d54bb5
Element in "to be planned" section have the "draggable" style 9910f4cd24
Program Increment cards have a border on all sides 64002fd2bd
Column headers are supposed to be black b636b23a5a
We should try to plan artifact when updated tracker is not a PI e368752b24
On drag fake element is visible e62278a807
Program still have some config inherited from planning 2abfe7fd96
Edit button is displayed only when user has update permission on PI 39017d482b
Typography of the column titles is consistent between test plan, planning view and program management services 68a4b1b3d4
improve permissions for drag and drop 4ad131d2de
Move program management package out of experimental 9bb5fef8b6
Drag and drop, make non needed callback optional 79a7c8eb9c
Add documentation on drag and drop library 5535581f87
Drag and drop to plan/unplan elements b33b47ea1c
Add integration tests for automagic user story removal f01a61635b
Bug fix - Tests rest are broken in Program Management plugin cd3a6e091b
Add store in Program Management plugin 8e43ebd60a
Bug fix - i18n didn't work in actions dropdown in Project Management scope 60091d958f
Use store on drag'n'drop features instead of reload the page f6bca51f2c
disable drag and drop when story is already planned in a sprint 6e86a59e76
Move card must be smooth and errors are handled bc5841bbca
Move configuration file under a subnamespace a3006f2e71
Display an alert when the page is refreshed while actions are running 8d1e52847e
Correct permissions for draggable to be planned elements 6ba70d8d8a


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Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2021-01-12 16:07
gerrit #21332 integrated into Tuleap

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