Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2021-03-03 00:00)

    Referencing rel #18867

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #19243 Bump vue dependencies
    request #19237 Remove helper target generate-templates-docker
    request #19265 🔥 Kill vue-gettext in the Artifact modal
    request #19267 Update dev/build environnement
    request #19255 Update lcobucci/jwt to 3.4.3
    request #19245 FrontRouter should not return blindly exception code as HTTP status code
    request #19266 Artifact link usage can be covered by e2e suite
    request #19263 Empty and error state illustrations of the taskboard are not displayed
    request #18470 Bump sabre/dav to 4.1.4 🙄
    request #19276 Fatal error on artifact when referenced git commit does not exist
    request #19273 Have an end-to-end test for the creation artifact modal
    request #19272 Switch CLI commands and backend tasks to PHP 7.4
    request #19270 Use the build environment based on Nix to build the RPM packages
    request #19281 Error management on tabindex attribution when no test execution is open
    request #19279 Fix arrow navigation in Test Management
    request #19271 Move from sensiolabs-de/deptrac-shim to qossmic/deptrac-shim
    request #19289 Console error are thrown in "FRS/Files" when "News" service is not enabled
    request #19288 Display absolute date as a fallback for tlp-relative-date
    request #19251 Tag and branches research with lot of tags/refs can be very long
    request #19294 Prevent warning with type-only imports of Shortcut and ShortcutsGroup types
    request #19292 XML import does not recognize the "commonmark" Text format
    request #19291 User real name can be longer than 32 chars
    request #19298 Bump vue test utils
    request #19300 Enforce @typescript-eslint/consistent-type-imports
    request #19287 Make internal libs "tree-shakeable"
    request #19305 SVN E2E CLI tests fail because of mismatch between SQLite versions used at runtime and compilation
    request #19301 TTM : errors are not displayed when the status update fail
    request #19293 Update to Psalm 4.6.0
    request #19309 bump moment timezone dependencies
    request #19310 bump javascript timeago
    request #19308 Warn users to not change test exec tracker config
    request #19312 Update Jenkins minimal version to 2.190.3
    request #19311 Typo in the success message when removing from the top backlog via the artifact action
    request #19296 pressing the `enter` key on modal top close button should close modal
    request #19307 Project import can create unusable project
    request #19319 Artifact children created by modal v2 does not have parent/child relationship
    request #19316 Add and edition project service modals have an horizontal scrollbar
    request #18424 TLP doc expose invalid attribute "type" for textarea element
    request #19321 Replace REGISTER_PROJECT_CREATION event by an object
    request #19323 Update to Psalm 4.6.1
    request #19320 Be able to select an artifact parent at artifact update
    request #19282 One test should always take focus in tests list
    request #19302 Force Chromium-based browsers to segment the cache to defend against cache probing
    request #19327 Remove dead code for MyProjects widget
    request #19314 Visual indicator about activity in select tests modal
    request #19322 Remove remaining check of hard coded field names in AD homepage
    request #19330 bump fscreen
    request #19331 bump luxon to 1.26.0
    request #19306 @mention does not work in HTML format for follow-ups and text fields
    request #19332 Bump flatpicker to 4.6.9
    request #19329 Docman widget targets wrong document after project creation
    request #19333 Remove init.d script
    request #19335 Remove the plugins/git/bin/ script
    request #19337 ListPicker should not select the first list item in some cases
    request #19326 Backend workers are not started in Docker images
    request #19328 Upgrading the tuleap package throws a warning
    request #19346 Frs rest routes return error if user is not in file info
    request #19352 Permissions are not set when we create a new file on docman
    request #19334 Remove old backup script
    request #19315 Fix TrackerExportToXmlTest on testing export dropdown usage
    request #19361 Copyright range for Enalean's files should be XXXX - Present
    request #19365 User expiracy date are set to 01-01-1970 when no expiracy date are stored
    request #19370 Bump cypress to 6.5.0
    request #19371 Log in only once in kanban e2e test
    request #19336 Remove user lab mode
    request #19373 Separate Cypress and Jest TypeScript globals
    request #19380 DoS can prevent users to switch text to HTML format
    request #17997 Remove first Taskboard column if no hierarchy defined
    request #19382 Display a big "Unsupported browser" at the top of the pages when IE is used
    request #19381 BurnUp field icon shows a burndown
    request #19383 Crash when following a link to a deleted release
    request #19379 Update TypeScript to 4.2
    request #19384 PHP notice when users remove themselves from a project and instance uses default HTTP port
    request #19387 Bump p-retry to v4.4.0
    request #19393 Package tuleap-core-cvs cannot be upgraded
    request #19710 Updating an element of the document manager via Webdav creates a new file
    request #19717 Make possible to not display the warning message about the usage of very old browsers