request #19270 Use the build environment based on Nix to build the RPM packages
    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
    2021-02-09 13:03
    2021-02-05 11:17
    Use the build environment based on Nix to build the RPM packages

    Tuleap currently has two ways for building its RPM packages:

    • for packages located in the main repository an image called enalean/tuleap-buildrpms is used after the "preparation phase"
    • for packages located outside of the main repository they each have their own way, most of them use a Docker image based on Ubuntu to prepare the sources and build the packages

    It would be interesting to reuse and build upon the work done in request #18503:

    • reusing the same environment means we do not need to maintain (or keep it in a somewhat working state to be more exact with what's currently happening...) a set of images, accessing the Nix based environment is the only needed thing
    • it helps to get a reproducible build since our Nix based environment is pinned to a specific version
    • for the external packages the same exact tools will be used to test and to package the packages meaning that we will actually test what we deliver
    • we reduce a bit what we need to download for each build, the build environment is a bit bigger but that still far less than a whole Docker image dedicated to that
    • [ ] enhancement
    • [ ] internal improvement
    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
    Referencing request #19270


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    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2021-02-09 13:03
    AFAIK yes that is all of the external packages we manage.

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    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2021-02-08 16:51
    • Summary
      -Use the build environnement based on Nix to build the RPM packages 
      +Use the build environment based on Nix to build the RPM packages 
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    Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2021-02-05 11:29
    First part introducing the changes for main repository can be reviewed here: gerrit #21690.

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