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14439Update to Jest 25Dev toolsUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14438Reschedule failed async events with an exponential backoffOtherUnder reviewAllThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14435I can't add members from LDAP anymoreAuthentication & LDAPNew11.9Michel Cramatte (mcramatte)
14433Download the counter is not recover on file releaseDelivery/File release systemUnder implementationLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
14431Limit the number of times an async event can be re-queuedOtherUnder reviewAllThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14426admin should not be explicilty defined in xml to be activated on new projectOtherUnder review11.10Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14425tuleap template should not be displayed if some needed plugin is restrictedenhancementOtherUnder reviewAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14417tuleap-events mailing list is no longer sending any mail since 19/12/19Mailing listsNewManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14409Memory limit exhausted while uploading git-lfsSCM/GitAcknowledged11.8Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
14406Problems rendering old projectsOtherUnder reviewAllBruno Gabrielli (bruno.gabrielli)
14405Glossify new project creationenhancementUX/UIUnder implementation11.10Benjamin Dauton (bdauton)
14404Searching on openlist in a report is adding new values in DBTrackersVerifiedAllSandra Echinard (sechinard)
14398Project creation service check should not rely on project 100OtherUnder implementation11.10Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14386When tasks are done, I cannot update the status of the storyAgile DashboardNew11.10Nicolas Terray (nterray)
14384Move all javascript build process to Webpackinternal improvementDev toolsUnder implementationJoris MASSON (jmasson)
14378Export kanban column limit into xmlenhancementImport | ExportNewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14376In project creation, project services should be displayed in a modalenhancementOtherUnder implementation11.10Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14368Support sign-in with any personal Microsoft account or Azure AD accountenhancementAuthentication & LDAPUnder implementationThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14364Missing main action button in preview of embedded fileDoc/Documentation managerWaiting for informationAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14363Empty rectangle displayed on embedded file previewDoc/Documentation managerVerified11.7Nicolas Terray (nterray)
14362tos link should open a modla instead of redirecting userenhancementProject adminNewAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14361Wrong routing for document previeDoc/Documentation managerNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14360Presence on TTM is not reflected when user goes back in the historyTest ManagementNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14359How to hide the "copying" notice?Doc/Documentation managerNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14358Unvisible notice when copying an item in document managerDoc/Documentation managerNewAllNicolas Terray (nterray)
14355XML project import : kanban can't be imported without scrum being activatedImport | ExportVerifiedAllSandra Echinard (sechinard)
14354XML project import : Services order is not respectedImport | ExportVerifiedAllSandra Echinard (sechinard)
14349Introduce dedicating caching mechanism for report XML importTrackersUnder implementationAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
14348 Export/import tracker report static list criteria in XMLTrackersUnder reviewAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
14347do not close update modale with click backdropDoc/Documentation managerUnder reviewLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
14346Kanban should not allow to create a card if the user can not submit the status fieldAgile DashboardVerifiedAllThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14344upgrade slugify usage for project creationOtherUnder implementationMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14340Enhance mail notification for document uploadDoc/Documentation managerNew11.9Jihen ben amira (benamirj)
14302Computed field calculation overcompute children in nested treesTrackersNewAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14281Only first 200 Git repositories of a project are visible by the pluginJenkins Branch Source pluginVerifiedThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14279MariaDB 10.3 compatibilityenhancementInstallation processUnder implementation11.8Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
14277Delete project plugin on Gerrit 3+ will not delete repository with open changesSCM/GerritVerifiedThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
14275Missing Email after Project Creation RequestProject adminNew11.8khadija (khadija)
14266Add details of document upload Doc/Documentation managerNew11.8Jihen ben amira (benamirj)
14265project creation : back/change template should preserve the user project informationsOtherUnder implementationMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
14252 NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER deprecated in mysql 5.7Installation processAcknowledgedAllMichael Kesper (mkesper)
14250Add checklist to pull requestsPull RequestNewAllTobias Tiemerding (tiemerding)
14235"Notify me on status change" label should be improvedenhancementTrackersVerifiedAllJoris MASSON (jmasson)
14233 Agile dashboard - Start_date & end_Date issueAgile DashboardAcknowledged11.8Stéphane Wetterwald (swetterwald)
14199Unable to install mediawiki after is run a first timeMediawikiNew11.8Thomas Cottier (tcottier)
14196Field dependencies : Impossible to select the first Value requiredTrackersAcknowledged11.7Jérôme Averty (javerty)
14189Remove from top backlog button should not be displayed for childrenAgile DashboardNew11.8Joris MASSON (jmasson)
14188Download changes filenames containing non-ASCII charactersDoc/Documentation managerVerifiedAllJérôme Averty (javerty)
14159Add new icons in TLPUX/UINewBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)
14155Upgrade vue dependenciesOtherUnder implementationAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
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