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Reported in version
Is an Enhancement or an internal improvement?
9976Do not over compute disk statistics9.4Site adminNew
9970Directly manage SSH keys instead of delegating it to gitoliteAllSCM/GitUnder implementation
9969Two suspicious code fragmentsAcknowledged
9968Can't search for artifacts assigned to suspended userAllTrackersNew
9966 wrong url link for commit diff delivered by Git service using reverse proxyAllSCM/GitNew
9964Tooltip goes crazy when the resource is not accessible by the userAllVerified
9963How to change default sent EmailsAllInstallation processWaiting for information
9958Bind a selectbox to "Authenticated users" » the box is `empty`9.4TrackersNew
9954wrong markdown table display using "|" in artifact nameAllBot MattermostNew
9948Replace npm by YarnAllOtherUnder implementationinternal improvement
9946httpS mixed content error on "Personal Page" by hardcoded httP imageAllOtherVerifiedinternal improvement
9941Username is not displayed in angular artifact-modalAllAgile DashboardNew
9935Mathematical FieldNew
9933Update scrum template, feb 2017 editionUnder reviewenhancement
9931Cannot uninstall and reinstall docman pluginAllDoc/Documentation managerNew
9929SVN Repository Explorer Sort by repository name9.3SCM/SubversionNewenhancement
9914Displayed group names are inconsitent in permissions on artifactAllTrackersNew
9913Potential regular expression denial of service through Tuleap Realtime dependenciesAllOtherUnder implementation
9910Fix the privacy of public forum in private projectsNew
9907Bad float management in computed fieldAllNew
9905Enabling image inclusion Into submission/follow-up fields AllOtherNewenhancement
9903Update default configuration TLS cipher suites (beginning of 2017 edition)AllOtherUnder implementation
9902Cross reference does not work in embedded files9.3New
9895Size of the "Single line text" field is not respected in Dashboard modal viewAllAgile DashboardNewenhancement
9893Wrong behavior of "Permission on artifact" fieldAllTrackersWaiting for information
9891Artifact copy - fatal error throw when required fields are emptyAllTrackersNew
9889Multi-selectbox required - field can be emptyAllTrackersNew
9888Fix the privacy of public forum in private projects New
9885Blank page when accessing to agile dashboard serviceAllAgile DashboardUnder reviewenhancement
9877Impossible to update a release in FRSDelivery/File release systemVerified
9875Tracker events must be logged in a dedicated log fileAllTrackersNew
9874Wrong email notification when the release is hidden9.1New
9873NotificationDelivery/File release systemNew
9866TV5 comment collapse lacks a visual cue + collapse-all9.2TrackersNewenhancement
9859Sprint Start Date does not correspond to Burndown chart starting point9.3Agile DashboardNew
9852Repository can not be accessed through the web UI if the parent repository has been deletedAllPull RequestUnder review
9843color card based on select field on cardwall rendererAllAgile DashboardNewenhancement
9836Import content from SVN core into SVN PluginAllSCM/SubversionVerifiedinternal improvement
9835New user must not be able to use an already in use email addressAllSite adminVerified
9826Burdown refactoringAllTrackersNew
9823Cardwall renderer columns based on a multi-select field9.1TrackersNewenhancement
9822Hide forum privacy radio buttons for private projectsReopen
9821Nouns have to be singular to agree with the preposition9.2Agile DashboardVerifiedinternal improvement
9806Message feedback incorrect after adding new action on transition9.2TrackersNew
9798Fix user filter in project admin user permissionsAllProject adminNew
9793Import vendor CSS files without renamingAllOtherUnder implementationinternal improvement
9780Use yarn if available in gulpfileAllUnder implementationinternal improvement
9777Project FTP Space, private and/or pubAllDelivery/FTPNewenhancement, internal improvement
9767Reference artifacts from other Tuleap sites9.2TrackersNewenhancement
9764Quirk in editing front page news items9.2NewsNew
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