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10768Option to turn off mail notification based on event type or roleAllTrackersEric Kirschner (kirei)Waiting for informationenhancement
10767Issue on a link in the commit page9.13SCM/GitAurélien Tisné (atisne)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
10764nginx custom logo not well taken into accountdevelopmentInstallation processManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10763Tuleap Realtime installation documentation not up-to-date9.13Installation processEric Kirschner (kirei)Acknowledgedinternal improvement
10761Safari problems with text encoding in the post-upsTrackersAlexander (celavi)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
10760Autoload and generate-po should never been forgottenAllOtherMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew runs PHP 5.6: phpwiki images are brokendevelopmentManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)New runs PHP 5.6: documentation is gonedevelopmentManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)Under review runs PHP 5.6: mailman is gonedevelopmentMailing listsManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorUnder review
10750Add event for addition content in artifact viewAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder reviewenhancement
10745Remove all examples from the Restler packageAllAPI (SOAP|REST)Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10744Generated CSS files should have a revision hashAllOtherJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under reviewinternal improvement
10743Remove CLIAllAPI (SOAP|REST)Nicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorUnder implementationinternal improvement
10742Move "build and run" tests to the test pipelineAllOtherThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder reviewinternal improvement
10741Notifications bar enhancementPull RequestMarine Pieux (nynoe)Newenhancement
10739Bad behavior of field dependency in tv39.12Nicolas Terray (nterray)Under review
10735Merge Kanban and externalize angular webpack configs into oneAgile DashboardJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under reviewinternal improvement
10732Manage multiple server names9.12Jonathan (jod)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNewenhancement
10715Additional functionality around current user logged inTrackersAlejandro Gay (gayalejandro)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewenhancement, internal improvement
10714widget last svn commits9.12TrackersLouis Pauvert (louis.pauvert)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNewinternal improvement
10695Unable to make cross reference to a wiki page with accentuated charactersAllNicolas Terray (nterray)Under implementation
10690Headers are not send sometimes in gitphpAllNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10686Disabled switch should have "not-allowed" cursor9.12TLPManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorVerified
10684Burndown in traker report duration should be > 1Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)New
10682Add an option to enter the site admin email.AllInstallation processMatthieu Monnier (mmonnier)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10680Remove unused code in tracker chart burndownTrackersMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10679Documentation for REST route get /artifact_files/{id} is uncaccurateAllAPI (SOAP|REST)Marie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10672Unable to add additional information to existing issue here on tuleap.netMartin Herbst (mherbst)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10666Browse all projects is empty after update to 9.12.999.12Martin Herbst (mherbst)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10656tuleap-snvroot.conf not updated9.11SCM/SubversionJean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 9 - CriticalWaiting for information
10654Define the visibility of a commentTrackersThibaud Meyer (tmeyer_centran)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewenhancement
10653403 forbiden on developmentAPI (SOAP|REST)Fabrice Larribe (teyssieuman)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryWaiting for information
10651"sum" agregation not available on tabular report.developmentDashboard & WidgetsFabrice Larribe (teyssieuman)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10648Fatal error at first login after LDAPAuthentication & LDAPManon Midy (mmidy)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
10646Project names can be "Unicode/international". But now Tuleap insist on ASCII "Invalid Short Name. The name must start with a letter."AllUX/UIStas Fomin (belonesox)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10645"Category() -> Support Team(Developer) Global rules are not respected"OtherStas Fomin (belonesox)New
10626Remove direct database accessAllTrackersNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder reviewinternal improvement
10620Possibility to disable "Create Account" on login page9.11OtherJean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
10619Warning when a developper ask for a glyph of a plugin that does not existAllOtherThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerifiedinternal improvement
10612User without permissions cannot unsubscribe from tracker notifications9.11Trackersimtinene (imtinene)Newinternal improvement
10611error 502 while checkouting an SVN plugin repo from php56 dev imageAllSCM/SubversionYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)New
10609function service_replace_template_name_in_link is declared two timesAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)Under implementation
10603Move softwaremap to burningparrotUX/UIManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder implementationenhancement
10602In the TLP artifact modal, the hyperlink editor for html text is hidden below the modalTrackersSimon Denier (simondenier)New
10599Remove unneeded polyfills json2 & storageAllUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewinternal improvement
10592Updating artifacts by e-mail, should not only work when the artifact is the only addressed in the „To” field.9.10TrackersOmar R Zavala (eomarza)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNewenhancement
10586Tuleap performance issueTrackersEliyas (qauser)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorWaiting for information
10582Kanban widget, "RT disconnected" message is missing some styling9.11Agile DashboardManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10580Kanban widget should not change the dashboard url9.11Dashboard & WidgetsNicolas Terray (nterray)New
10578Avatar should no be shrinked in navbar on small resolutionsUX/UIBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)Verified
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