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11285Upgrade sabredavAllOtherYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder reviewinternal improvement
11278Misleading feedback after user creationAllUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorVerified
11271Cross Tracker Search-No assignees displayed in the column9.17TrackersManon Midy (mmidy)Verified
11270Add realtime server to dev stackAllTest ManagementNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder reviewinternal improvement
11267Created tests don't appear in current campaignAllTest ManagementNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11266Add BOM information in CSV contentAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)Verified
11259REST API can throw 500 errorAllTrackersMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11255It's no longer possible to choose HTML format in planning viewdevelopmentAgile DashboardManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11243Fatal error on all project when status si nullOtherMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)Under review
11235Burnup, when duration is too long, legend overlapAgile DashboardMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryAcknowledged
11231Sort in tracker does not work for all fields9.18TrackersMartin Herbst (mherbst)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11230LDAP auth not working9.17Authentication & LDAPManuel Villar Guijarro (mvillar)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11226Mediawiki should be exportableImport | ExportMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)Under review
11215Fatal error when a user goes to a dashboard containing a Kanban widget he cannot seeAllDashboard & WidgetsThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorUnder review
11212No autocompletion in widget admin delegationAllUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11209TTM homepage loads all closed campaignsTest ManagementManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11202problem with shared field9.17TrackersLouis Pauvert (louis.pauvert)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorWaiting for informationenhancement, internal improvement
11194Custom groups should be ordered alphabeticallyAllUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewinternal improvement
11188email Notification when @mention is usedAllTrackersJulien Pérochon (julien.perochon)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewenhancement
11185Autoload generation should never been forgottenAllOtherThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryAcknowledgedinternal improvement
11180Field not empty condition should be removed when a workflow is deletedAllTrackersSandra Echinard (sechinard)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
11179Replace safe_mock by MockeryManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)Under implementationinternal improvement
11176Use babel-plugin-react-gettext-parser to extract gettext from VueOtherJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under reviewinternal improvement
11165Automated tests should use nginx & fpmManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder implementationinternal improvement
11164Fatal error when importing artifactsAllTrackersNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11163Unused natures should not be exportedAllTrackersNicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11156Remove cardwall css loading in agiledashboard overviewAllAgile DashboardJoris MASSON (jmasson)New
11153Introduce front controller patternManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder implementation
11133Can't use "Start Scrum" if TTM is already activatedOtherSandra Echinard (sechinard)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11126Backlog Modal ignores <small> HTML Tag in Static Text FieldAllUX/UIAnton VERRA (d00AK)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11125Multiple PLUGIN_GIT_ADMIN permissions for Project administratorsAllSCM/GitJoris MASSON (jmasson)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11120Upgrade to Font Awesome 5AllUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryAcknowledgedinternal improvement
11117Prioritizers permissions are not well exported in agiledashboard pluginAllAgile DashboardThomas Gorka (tgorka)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder implementation
11108Time scale on burnup chart displayed in weeks9.17Agile DashboardPatricia Carrasco (pcar)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11102Better inline documentation of Done semantic9.17Agile DashboardManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorVerified
11091Need a DATE -> STAUS field Dependency in Sprint TrackerAllTrackersAnton VERRA (d00AK)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11090Parent Tracker > Workflow > Trigges Selectbox UNDEFINED OPTIONSAllTrackersAnton VERRA (d00AK)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11085Introducing JEST tests in label pluginMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)Under implementation
11082Overview pane html title is not accurate9.17Agile DashboardManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)New
11077Details in tooltips on Graphs included in dashbordsDashboard & WidgetsPICHIERRI Laurent (lpichierri)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewinternal improvement
11075Enlarge "I want to" field in User Stories form.Agile DashboardPICHIERRI Laurent (lpichierri)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewinternal improvement
11070Add SOAP automated testsAllAPI (SOAP|REST)Nicolas Terray (nterray)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
11064How to get rid of deleted trackers9.16Site adminMartin Herbst (mherbst)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11062Git repository should be exportableMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)Under review
11060warnings are thrown in REST testOtherMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11058Burndown - today computation can be different that the cached oneMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)New
11045Tuleap-realtime do not start9.16OtherFabrice Larribe (teyssieuman)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
11041I can only add from the first type of submilestone in planningAllAgile DashboardJoris MASSON (jmasson)New
11023Mediawiki shows 404 error9.16MediawikiArmin Breiteneder (n3xus132)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
11010Have a CSS class to add margin on a tlp-badgeAllTLPJoris MASSON (jmasson)Newinternal improvement
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