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10379Javascript error for MyProjects widget when no project9.9Nicolas Terray (nterray)Under review
10378Tracker_NoChangeException not correctly catched in ArtifactLinkUpdaterdevelopmentAgile DashboardErwan Guyader (taratatach)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewinternal improvement
10377In user management restricted should not been an acceptable value when plateform does not allow restricted usersMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)New
10376Restricted users should be displayed in permission delegationMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)New
10371Some warnings are raised in REST testsdevelopmentYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)Verified
10370User and date are not readable in pull request inline comment when the FlamingParrot orange themeAllPull RequestThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
10364Use a module-loader for planning-v2Agile DashboardJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under reviewinternal improvement
10363Can't change validated user statusSite adminSandra Echinard (sechinard)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
10356Kanban built javascript file should have a revision hashAgile DashboardJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under reviewinternal improvement
10351Tracker emails should not embed all follow-up commentsAllTrackersManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorUnder implementation
10349Separate credentials from other configuration optionsAllOtherThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
10347SVN error during 9.9 validationdevelopmentSCM/SubversionManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorWaiting for information
10345"This project is not categorized" displayed 2 timesdevelopmentManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10344Got the "new navigation bar" tour on "Register project"9.8OtherManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryWaiting for information
10340Updating a deleted project in site admin, mark him as incompleteAllSite adminMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10337Notification configuration need more consistencyBot MattermostMoreaux Humbert (moreauxh)Newinternal improvement
10326When a widget is unavailable, we should display a placeholder so that its absence doesn't break the layoutdevelopmentNicolas Terray (nterray)Newinternal improvement
10324Enhance unit testsAllOtherYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerifiedinternal improvement
10317Have a single webpack build for coredevelopmentOtherJoris MASSON (jmasson)Under implementationinternal improvement
10316Problem duplicate tracker9.8TrackersLouis Pauvert (louis.pauvert)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNewinternal improvement
10306Worlfow -> Trigger : choose "AND" in possibilities for multi triggerLouis Pauvert (louis.pauvert)New
10291[WORKFLOW] transition issue/not working as expected9.7TrackersRemy Berrebi (zehunter)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorVerifiedinternal improvement
10290update LDAP synchronization mail Authentication & LDAPmarouane baini (bainim)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10288In Flaming parrot in user nav bar, icons are not vertically alignedUX/UIMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10280Filters in cardwallJimmy Pannier (jimp)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10264Touchscreen can prevent to drag&drop cards in cardwalls or columns in tracker reportsAllOtherThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerified
10221Misalignement of modal title in IEUX/UINicolas Terray (nterray)Verified
10206Automatic follow ups on task/story etc from version controlAgile DashboardRaja Dushyant Vashishtha (rajad)Newenhancement
10193Possibility to disable "New User" on home pageAllOtherJean-Louis Schricke (mesulog)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewenhancement
10190Wiki pages with escapable characters misbehaveDoc/WikiJerome Mueller (emorelleum)Acknowledged
10174Allow user to crop and to resize his avatar in his account settingsUX/UIThomas Gorka (tgorka)Newenhancement
10153Advanced Search in Document Manager makes not senseDoc/Documentation managerPatricia Carrasco (pcar)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10147Add a way to see the sum of the backlog points9.5Agile DashboardFrancesco Faleschini (brace)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNewenhancement
10146LDAP Groups and Common NameAllAuthentication & LDAPPatrick Pogscheba (patrock)Acknowledged
10137White space and : or ; after reference link making a false display in Mediawiki pagesAllMediawikiFares BEN KHALIFA (khalifaf)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10136Improve mergeability detection status performanceAllPull RequestThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10124"Validate" button in the document notifications is not intuitive9.6Patricia Carrasco (pcar)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10113Some timezone are incorrectAllOtherMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)New
10110Have a dedicated way to check that a user is site adminAllSite adminJoris MASSON (jmasson)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder implementationinternal improvement
10107new task card feild can't be in-line editAllAgile DashboardZaijun Zong (zong)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorNew
10105Unable to copy a whole docman folder via webdavdevelopmentDoc/Documentation managerNicolas Terray (nterray)New
10103Files uploaded through webdav do not respect max_file_size settingDelivery/File release systemNicolas Terray (nterray)New
10098Remove Subversion authentication mod modmysql and modldap9.5SCM/SubversionThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorUnder review
10097Removal of the administration project breaks TuleapAllSite adminThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryUnder review
10096Comments removed in TTL9.5OtherMathieu Auvray (auvraym)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorAcknowledged
10089TTL - Page selection not available9.5OtherMathieu Auvray (auvraym)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryNew
10087Can't access pull request dashboard when there is not an active pull request9.5Pull RequestMathieu Auvray (auvraym)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryVerifiedinternal improvement
10085When an artifact is moved in a complex agiledashboard structure no 409 is thrownAllAgile DashboardMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 1 - OrdinaryAcknowledged
10069Tracker comments don't scale up9.4TrackersAlexandre Ferrieux (ferrieux)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorWaiting for information
10049Tracker CSV import should check if a list value is hidden or notAllTrackersBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)/themes/FlamingParrot/images/blank16x16.png 5 - MajorVerified
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