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13498Webdav plugin has a dependency to the docman plugin but does not specify it in the RPM packageDoc/Documentation managerUnder reviewdevelopmentThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13497Workflow XML import must not create comment not empty condition for transitions from newTrackersUnder reviewAllYannis ROSSETTO (rossettoy)
13494User story stuck statusAgile DashboardWaiting for information11.1Thibaud FAURIE (moulagofre)
13493REST tests cannot be run without Internet connectionNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
13492Improve TUS implementation to support client unable to use PATCHDelivery/File release systemVerified11.2Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
13488Identify customized .tab site-contentSite adminUnder implementationNicolas Terray (nterray)
13486Make possible to switch a Tuleap instance to PHP 7.3Upgrade processUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13485Force the presence of a copyright block after the first PHP open tag of a fileDev toolsUnder reviewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13483Sort users of list on usernameTrackersUnder reviewAllLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
13481Docman manager cannot unlock document in the new document pluginDoc/Documentation managerNewAllClarck Robinson (robinsoc)
13479Cannot download a file associated to a release using the plugin webdavDelivery/File release systemNew11.2Aurélien Tisné (atisne)
13478Enforce a set of coding standard rules on how PHP use statements should be usedDev toolsNewThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13477description does not support non text dataDoc/Documentation managerNewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13476Welcoming Clarck Robinson in the integrator teamNewMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13471Tuleap 11.1 shows error post installation.SCM/GitNewAmit Gawande (amitgawande)
13467Artifact-modal allows empty required text fields when format is HTMLTrackersNewAllJoris MASSON (jmasson)
13466Filter for Scrum CardwallAgile DashboardWaiting for information11.0Eric Kirschner (kirei)
13450Log warning in tests RESTDoc/Documentation managerUnder implementation11.0Clarck Robinson (robinsoc)
13442EndPoint POST /projects template_id=1 strange behaviorAPI (SOAP|REST)Acknowledged11.2David ROGER (droger)
13441Hide the backlog column of the KanbanenhancementAgile DashboardUnder reviewMartin GOYOT (goyotm)
13440REST API: Project shortname is forced to lowercase characters API (SOAP|REST)Waiting for information11.1Houssem Eddine Azzouz (heazzouz)
13439Remove PrototypeJS from field dependenciesinternal improvementTrackersNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
13434Just created git repo has wrong last update dateSCM/GitNewNicolas Terray (nterray)
13432Tracker color are not properly imported, if tracker structure has a legacy colorTrackersNewAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13414Timetracking personal widget selection of 1 day is not straightforwardTimetrackingNew11.1Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
13413Missing scrollbars in Kanban widgetUX/UINewAllBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)
13406The date value in the new document UI is displayed in chrome/chromium while it should notDoc/Documentation managerVerifiedClarck Robinson (robinsoc)
13399Docman should not introduce translated ExceptionDoc/Documentation managerUnder implementationMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13398Obsolesence date is requiredDoc/Documentation managerUnder implementationMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13397Centralize vuex-mock-store and wrapper in coreinternal improvementDev toolsUnder reviewdevelopmentJoris MASSON (jmasson)
13395Masschange is always in error when tracker have field dependencies on field listTrackersUnder implementationAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13394tuleap-aio should run on centos7Installation processUnder implementationManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
13390Docman items should follow natural sort for item displayDoc/Documentation managerUnder implementationAllMarie Ange Garnier (marieange)
13387User should be able to display embedded document in small widthDoc/Documentation managerUnder implementationAllBenjamin Dauton (bdauton)
13380Expand all storys at once in backlogAgile DashboardNew11.0Eric Kirschner (kirei)
13373Users should be able to switch back and forth between a tracker's report and Kanban, and to detail-submit from KanbanAgile DashboardNew11.0Geoffroy Grelot (ggrelot)
13356Allow to change the default branchSCM/GitNew10.11Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
13355Add webhook for pull-request's state changesPull RequestNew10.11Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
13350Document UI on small screens is partially broken with IE11Doc/Documentation managerVerified11.0Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13344Project flag "shield" doesn't appear on some obscure setupsProject adminNewManuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
13340Split AngularJS validation service for each fieldinternal improvementTrackersUnder implementationJoris MASSON (jmasson)
13338gitolite setup broken on fresh Tuleap 11 (CentOS 7)SCM/GitWaiting for information11.0Marc Lijour (marclijour)
13322Give a title to Timetracking Overview's widgetsTimetrackingUnder implementationLorentz Romain (lorentzr)
13307Add a Validation in a Tracker's Field by a regular expressionTrackersNewJérôme Averty (javerty)
13299Move all SCSS/CSS build process to Webpackinternal improvementOtherUnder implementationThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13292Integrate vimeo/psalm to the test pipelineDev toolsUnder implementationThomas Gerbet (tgerbet)
13281Let modify the merge commentPull RequestNew11.0Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
13280Fatal error in Velocity Semantic when no StatusTrackersNewAllJoris MASSON (jmasson)
13279Add no-ff strategy for merging pull-request (needed for gitflow)Pull RequestNew11.0Guilhem Bonnefille (CS) (gbonnefille)
13277Disambiguate personal notifications settings in trackersTrackersNew10.10Geoffroy Grelot (ggrelot)
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