Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2021-12-08 00:00)

    Referencing rel #23428

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #23820 whitelist not taken into account when list is too big
    request #23498 Bump extendable-error 0.1.5 -> 0.1.7
    request #23822 Improve project admin cypress tests
    request #24139 Network related errors are never logged when sending webhooks
    request #23443 convert artifact link natures tests to cypress
    request #24143 Files with spaces in their names cannot be linked from rendered CommonMark files
    request #24141 Psalm: 4.11.1 -> 4.12.0
    request #24148 sys_ldap_grp_uid is missing from the allowed LDAP configuration settings
    request #23821 Widget reports shouldn't be based on session reports
    request #24149 Indirect LDAP injection via the ldap_id attribute of a user
    request #24146 Bump @vue/test-utils to 1.3
    request #24151 Artifact with an artifact link field in a tracker containing folder cannot be updated
    request #24154 Grouping a bar chart on a field with "None" values throws an error
    request #24155 Generating the content of a burndown or a burnup fails when the duration is set to 0
    request #24150 Jira import should not stop when there is not timetracking plugin
    request #24152 Explicitly ask sudo to set HOME when calling gitolite
    request #24153 Bar charts that are not grouped generate an invalid SQL query
    request #24142 Instantiate editors only when needed in the artifact view to avoid unnecessary changes
    request #23819 Forked repositories do not take default branch of parent into account
    request #24140 Selectbox based on users should check if default value is valid
    request #24159 Not possible to create or update artifacts with csv import when a date field is empty
    request #24161 Rest artifact creation work with an empty user in a required selectbox bind on users
    request #24162 Link to change date format when importing a CSV does not go to the appropriate section
    request #24163 Psalm: 4.12.0 -> 4.13.0
    request #24165 Modification of a tracker field is slow
    request #23433 Clean program management tests
    request #24157 Displaying document history can crash when the date of a version has been incorrectly set
    request #24172 Delete a project is not possible in fresh install when the program management plugin is installed
    request #24168 Indirect LDAP injection via the ldap_id attribute of a user when checking if it exists
    request #24177 Submitting LDAP welcome page without a timezone throws an error
    request #24179 Display of multiple select box in the report of a legacy tracker report can crash
    request #24176 Crash when searching 'Any' on a Permissions on artifact field in a tracker report
    request #24170 vue-loader: 15.9.6 -> 15.9.8
    request #23383 Bad request error when planning a feature
    request #24180 A tracker report with list field with invalid selected value can prevent the proper creation of a project
    request #24178 Generated document does not display correctly the Permissions on Artifact in the report section
    request #24173 Enforce the size when manipulating the SVN immutable tags paths and allow list
    request #24186 typescript: 4.4.3 -> 4.5.2
    request #24188 Force multiline arrays and method/function declarations to have a trailing comma in the PHP codebase
    request #24181 webpack: 5.44.0 -> 5.64.4
    request #16199 Unrecognized git reference when the repository contains hyphen or dot
    request #23439 convert last mediawiki test to cypress
    request #24191 Update dev/build environment [December 21]
    request #24193 Disable the Target tab of the Link modal of the rich text editor
    request #24189 Artefact view can crash with programm if the user have not access to parent project
    request #24187 Program Management generates too much SQL queries
    request #24198 Psalm: 4.13.0 -> 4.14.0
    request #24202 SQL injection via the user settings of the CVS commits browser