Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2022-09-16 00:00)

    Referencing rel #26815

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #28244 Cannot send a Mattermost notification when creating a PR
    request #27932 Replace PFUser::getName and PFUser::getUnixName with PFUser::getUserName
    request #28250 Crash when calling GET /api/git/:id/commits/:ref with an invalid reference
    request #28249 Do not throw an error if description changeset value is missing in definition
    request #27537 Update dev/build environment [W33 2022]
    request #28247 Statistics disk usage per project displays a 502
    request #28251 Crash when looking for a user using a name and a status in the siteadministration
    request #27896 Smart commit is not smart enough
    request #28265 Auto create users from LDAP at Jira Import
    request #28253 Delete Project::buildForTest method
    request #28256 Updating an SVN repository with REST does not allow notifications with only user groups
    request #28255 None value must be added in required selectboxes without default value
    request #27931 Iterations are not synchronized when Parent is set on creation
    request #28259 Bump prismjs 1.28.0 -> 1.29.0
    request #28258 Remove dead code USE_HTMLAREA
    request #28260 LocalSettings wgTuleapAccessPreset doesn't have the expected value
    request #28262 Bump Vue 3 apps/libs to v3.2.37
    request #27883 Merging a pull request does not close referenced artifacts
    request #27919 GitLab references are not displayed in the artefact view if located in subgroups
    request #28246 statistics data are not displayed when only a date have value in statistics plugin
    request #28267 Be able to choose the scrum board to import ar Jira project import
    request #28269 Restricted users should see MediaWiki Standalone service in Sidebar for Public Inc. Restricted projects
    request #28268 Restricted users should access MediaWiki Standalone in Public Inc. Restricted projects
    request #28272 Specify explicitly the expected targeted OS when starting the dev stack on macOS ARM
    request #28277 Sorting a report table on rank field leads to a PHP fatal error
    request #27512 `mathoid` table is missing after instance initialization
    request #27186 Cannot access MediaWiki as anonymous user
    request #28279 Enhance widget header style
    request #28280 Remove wgTuleapAccessPreset
    request #28282 Token type Bearer should be capitalized in the OAuth2 access token
    request #28283 Enhance project team widget design
    request #27513 Deal with database patterns
    request #28266 postJSON should decode JSON response
    request #28289 Use a function to define Jest configuration
    request #28284 Add Item drop down menu gets partly hidden by header of object below
    request #28290 vite: 3.0.2 -> 3.1.0
    request #27519 TuleapFarm: unlog one user everywhere
    request #28292 mockery/mockery: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1
    request #28271 e2e test does not reload while waiting
    request #28285 Enhance heartbeat widget readability
    request #28826 Fatal error when trying to create a mailing list