request #29614 Invited users shouldn't be mandated to re-confirm their email
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2023-02-01 11:46
    2022-11-17 11:47
    Invited users shouldn't be mandated to re-confirm their email

    When someone invite someone else, the user creates an account based on a link received by Tuleap, we can assume that the email is correct so it seems useless to ask for email confirmation.

    In order to work, we should add a token in the invitation email and do not let people change their email when they create from this link.

    All this is needed to ensure that the email is valid (so people can receive password reset email when their account is lost for instance).

    Authentication & LDAP
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    Under implementation
    Referencing request #29614

    Git commit


    refactor: Extract user registration in dedicated objects 6f67ed2222
    feat: Add token in registration link in invitation email 6db12ea626
    feat: detect already used token 64f6df7088
    refactor: Remove Mockery usage from InvitationSenderTest eb7b53d76c
    feat: Display welcome modal after invitation 20973435b6
    feat: Invited users don't need email validation 417aa34d1c
    feat: Welcome modal design adjustments 149976742c
    refactor: Remove $status from create method 0ff837c4b8
    fix: wrong redirection for /my/ 40e2be557c
    refactor: Remove legacy send_new_user_email a0df4a4981
    refactor: better test coverage for linkExistingAccount c14fdc1e57
    feat: Always display a welcome modal de6143fdc7
    Remove useless assertion in AccountLinker/ControllerTest a33e8d710f
    fix: Fatal error when invitation does not exist c7bf816d0c
    Move Tuleap\InviteBuddy\InvitationDaoTest to its expected path f27f9d7b41
    feat: Clear email from invitations table whenever possible a16934193f
    feat: Remove obsolete invitations a01e992b41
    cleanup: Remove useless sprintf for invitation feedback c172629525
    feat: Send an email when purging invitations f3c45a5a8c
    feat: Clean verifier as soon as the invitation is used 37d59e5be6
    fix: Do not spam users at upcoming release 6c6d86530f


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