Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    19 (2023-08-16 00:00)

    Referencing rel #32656

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #33313 PHP Warning in GET projects
    request #33314 Headers missing on preflight requests on tus server endpoint
    request #33010 Gitolite 3: 3.6.12 -> 3.6.13
    request #33318 Declare triggers of the nightly pipelines explicitly and disable them on weekends
    request #33315 Two equivalent warnings are displayed when using a filtered kanban
    request #33316 Cardwall based tracker renderer widget is empty when report filters on date fields in normal mode
    request #33317 Have a consistent order for roadmap tasks
    request #33608 Preview of a linked artifact with a type does not respect permissions
    request #33604 Update dev/build environment [W30 2023]
    request #33641 Fields not moved error message can be wrongly displayed
    request #33640 hybrids: 8.1.8 -> 8.2.2
    request #33321 Wasmtime: 10.0.0 -> 11.0.0
    request #33644 Search string ending with a space highlight everything in the kanban
    request #33323 Folder can no longer update its own properties
    request #33643 Allow to setup the dynamic credentials plugin with tuleap config-set
    request #33642 Add in project history when a tracker is deleted
    request #33645 Make possible to use an authenticating SMTP relay host
    request #33658 Perl dependency perl(File::Copy) missing
    request #33656 XSS on the success message of a kanban deletion
    request #33650 [Mercure] 0.10.0 -> 0.13.0
    request #33660 Untranslated text in English version
    request #33639 Write an ADR to document why we won't use monaco-editor in the pull-requests
    request #33661 Migrate move-artifact-action app to Vue3 + Vite + Vitest + Pinia
    request #33666 Stay in the current repository when opening a PR
    request #32636 project notifications test can be covered with cypress
    request #33664 Add developer documentation about tests and automation
    request #33659 Meilisearch: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.1
    request #33671 Tracker report "In Milestone" criterion still used when tracker is no more a backlog tracker
    request #33975 Children are not displayed under their task in roadmap