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      epic #9318 Agile Dashboard leverage ALv2
    Agile Dashboard leverage ALv2

    Executive overview

    With Artifact links v2, the Agile Dashboard strict structure as we know it (Tracker Hierarchy) is no longer needed. This is an opportunity for a more flexible model. The main benefits are:

    • No longer magic. A Task is Child of User Story because there is a _is_child link between them (not because there is a magic relation between Task and User Story trackers).
    • No longer artificial structure. If you are working only with Releases and sub releases, no need to create 1 tracker per hierarchy level.
    • You need to break down a User story in 2 smaller stories from time to time, you can do it easily.

    Terms & definitions

    • Work Item: something to do (eg Use Story, Epic, Requirement).
    • Milestone: when the Work Item will be done.
    • Work Items and Milestone can be broken down in sub elements via "_is_child" link type.
    • A Work Item W is scheduled for a Milestone M when W is linked to M with "_is_backlog" type


    • As a parent work item, as soon as one of your child has been scheduled for one sub-milestone, you can no longer be scheduled
    • Once a Work Item WI has been scheduled in a Milestone M, children of WI can only be scheduled in children of M
    • When a Work Item is removed from a Milestone backlog, it's also removed from all sub-milestone baklogs


    • Planning view: no change, still 2 dimension view. On the left N and N-1 Work Items, on the right N - 1 milestones.
      • The queries must evolve to take "_is_backlog" and "_is_child" types into account
    • Helpers "auto learing" of what is the expected / usual child of User Story, Releases, etc.
    • Semantic of Artifacts (Work Item, Milestone).
      • The semantic is inherited with _is_child
      • When 2 parents, there must be a choice
    • "Top backlog planning" evolve to a "Sandbox" where artifact semantics are initiated
      • The sandbox is no longer automatically built from tracker content.


    • Allow cardwall view at level N - 1 (eg. User stories of a Sprint) as an alternative to N-1 + N-2 (User stories and tasks of a Sprint)
    • Multiple ALv2 types. A request can be "backlog", "reported in" and "fixed in" a release.
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2020-07-23 15:57
    2016-07-07 17:33

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