Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2016-10-12)

    Referencing rel #9341

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9501 Reflected XSS in the project list page in the site administration
    request #9502 SQL injection through widgets management
    request #9494 Remove boomerang plugin
    request #9500 Reflected XSS in the Subversion revisions browsing
    request #9437 Fatal error when updating manual value of of a computed field in AD card
    request #9510 No tooltip for artifacts in my personal page TV5 widget
    request #9489 Wiki administration is not accessible to project administrator if they do not have explicit wiki admin rights
    request #9511 Unable to add an artifact link via REST
    request #9508 Site admin can't access SVN tree with viewvc integration
    request #8306 Instantiate a wiki in french generate an error
    request #9490 Wiki does not detect properly HTTPS when behind a reverse proxy
    request #9492 Deprecate survey service
    request #9504 Prevent spoofing of permission request message
    request #9497 Remove legacy password storage
    request #9517 Plugin FRS package is unnecessary big
    request #9518 html entities displayed in kanban cards
    request #9462 Fatal error in Tracker report when user cannot see Milestone trackers
    request #9523 Ldap user confirmation login date can be reset
    request #9520 Rogue artifacts created when global rules are violated
    request #9528 In artifact linkproject public name encoding is not well displayed
    request #9519 Bug Fix for plugin tracker encryption: Add the possibility to empty an encrypted field already set
    request #9162 Escape JSON unparseable characters in REST routes
    request #9530 "More" button in navbar should'nt be displayed if there is nothing more
    request #9466 Enforce that plugins can only be used with the Tuleap core they have been designed for
    request #9495 Remove doaprdf plugin
    request #9496 Remove admssw plugin
    request #9493 Remove foafprofiles plugin
    request #9553 SVN multirepository access error when projects are restriced
    request #9557 Gerrit remote server can not be saved anymore
    request #9552 XML import --automap doesn't properly managed suspended users
    request #9561 SVN import can use --bypass-prop-validation
    request #9568 Access to a tracker page will throw a fatal error if the cardwall is enabled but not the agiledashboard
    request #9562 Allow to checkout file when using EPEL's ViewVC
    request #9567 Update Hudson/Jenkins plugins to mention Jenkins instead of Hudson
    request #9574 SVN core Cross ref does not work if the platform is accessible only in HTTPS
    request #9593 Folders doesn't list things that are not directly connected to it
    request #9594 Folders display artifact twice when it also a child
    request #9598 Get rid of nvd3 for cumulative flow diagram
    request #9642 Statistics purge is too voicy
    request #9654 artifactfolder fatal error on cardwall