Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2016-11-09)

    Referencing rel #9535

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9591 Show attachment directly in the changeset
    request #9581 Tuleap code should only be under Tuleap namespace
    request #9592 Lint new .scss files using scss-lint
    request #9595 Gitolite3Parser does not deal with deleted repositories
    request #9515 Fatal error while listing permissions of a user group
    request #9583 SVN core package miss a dependancy to perl-CGI
    request #9392 Deleted users can be switched to suspended automatically
    request #9547 Can't upload file releases
    request #9263 Do not use underscore in Tuleap dev hostname
    request #9373 Kanban realtime desync with column never loaded
    request #9598 Get rid of nvd3 for cumulative flow diagram
    request #9505 FRS_Admin user group description is not user friendly
    request #9599 Misleading warning message when using IE11 with compatibility
    request #9544 Gerrit Admin Interface is crashing when submitting an empty field for the HTTP Port
    request #9600 Archive deleted items must deal with duplicate content
    request #9546 Tuleap subversion permission checker is not isofunctional with upstream
    request #9625 Gulp build concurrency failures
    request #9627 TV5: numeric values are truncated in a text field
    request #9601 Performance issues when querying tracker_field_list_bind_decorator table
    request #9575 Item draggable detection improvement
    request #9631 Gitolite log parser must deal with non existing users
    request #9630 Text card fields on Kanban should allow basic formatting
    request #9636 SVN viewer can not be accessed if EPEL viewvc is not installed
    request #9637 Admin page is unreachable if there are no extra dropdown
    request #9333 PHP error when I try to link two different account from the same provider
    request #9639 When I'm using Tuleap theme mediawiki rendering is broken
    request #9640 Missing Python dependencies
    request #8756 Revoked token should no longer be usable
    request #9648 BurningParrot package is not updated for each version of Tuleap
    request #9663 Favor REST API in Tuleap interface