Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    17 (2017-01-04 00:00)

    Referencing rel #9571

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #9710 Remove license agreement
    request #9712 empty state in system events is broken
    request #9716 Do not mix traces in tuleap syslog
    request #9576 Remove fusionforge_compat plugin
    request #9720 Release notes are not accessible to not logged users even if permissions allow it
    request #9717 OpenID Connect plugin can not create 2 authentication links for the same provider in the same request
    request #9722 JPGraph error when burndwon is in the future
    request #9730 Simplify artifact priority for artifact creation
    request #9733 Error message about malformed data is not translated in OpenID Connect administration
    request #9702 Parse gitolite logs in a dedicated system event
    request #9731 Cannot update an OpenID Connect provider when I'm not linked to it
    request #9663 Favor REST API in Tuleap interface
    request #9727 CodeMirror hogs CPU when not in fixed height
    request #9737 The pull requests badge should only display the number of open pull requests
    request #9738 Remove site wide statistics
    request #9739 Remove surveys
    request #9732 Burndown chart is not reflecting correctly the remaining effort
    request #9742 fatal error into Agiledashboard when start_date is not set
    request #9735 Burndown KO when no capacity is set
    request #9728 Burndown display is broken in Cardwall
    request #9741 When user timezone is different from timezone server burndown always ask cache generation
    request #9743 Emailgateway tracker config is not always taken into account
    request #9746 Update of tracker field should be recorded in project history
    request #9750 New Admin UI : statistics disk usage correct search fields
    request #9729 Do not mix linked list and rank for artifact priority
    request #9311 Remove HTML_Graph
    request #9724 Pie charts sitadmin homepage improvement
    request #9752 Burndown generation should be asked if an event is Running
    request #9749 Burndown JpGraph error when duration is set to 1
    request #9757 Burndown always ask cache generation
    request #9661 Enhance scrum template used in AD user onboarding
    request #9759 Developpement environnement uses Gerrit 2.12
    request #9744 Removing one GIT/SVN commit reference removes all GIT/SVN references
    request #9765 Wiki escaping escape characters
    request #9776 Cannot restrict a plugin
    request #9774 SVN pre commit hook fails
    request #9775 "<" and ">" mistreated in comment edition
    request #9760 Hudson widget should only load data during ajax calls
    request #9769 Be able to build Docker images running Tuleap unit tests again
    request #9754 Cannot use newly created Project Categories (9.2)
    request #9572 Plugin tracker_encryption: Separate the javascript code from mustache files
    request #9781 Expert query mode throws a notice when an hexadecimal number is escaped
    request #9783 Disable snippets
    request #9628 Max characters property of a string field is not verified server side
    request #9784 Expert query mode throws a notice when trying to use not yet implemented feature
    request #9788 Update copyright footers and README file
    request #9772 Remove the option Stay in HTTPS after login on the login page
    request #9771 Randomize the execution of scheduled tasks
    request #9789 Instrument code
    request #9787 Ineffective [normal mode] button when not logged in
    request #9799 Fatal error when I delete an item that was cut
    request #9879 Auto adjust docman upload size to what server is able to handle