story #9589 Get rid of Bootstrap in site admin / projects
  • [ ] Does it involves User Interface? 
  • [ ] Are there any mockups?
  • [ ] Are permissions checked?
  • [ ] Does it need Javascript development?
  • [ ] Does it need a forge upgrade bucket?
  • [ ] Does it need to execute things in system events?
  • [ ] Does it impact project creation (templates)?
  • [ ] Is it exploratory?
Nicolas Terray (nterray)
2016-11-14 11:27
2016-10-15 12:19

Referencing story #9589

Git commit


Correct button and link label in pending project 7210a2b0b3
Fix access project icon 424c40ddb7
Change page title for pending projects 1f57a06318
Style pending projects 91c00401fe
Format user in autocompleter b1975885b4
Introduce user autocompleter 07fd7a6889
In pending project, when project list is empty "Go Back" should return on admin page cb24ef733a
Style pending documents f6ead6ce6f
Pending projects: style empty status a6ec6c7d76
Style the list of projects 06847cef52
Fix issue with pagination when there are more than one user 22d144c978
Pending project: Refactoring e4dc00ac34
Non active projects cannot access pending docs cbeca14978
Empty results message a2ee265cb7
Search project history for a specific value d2b1442aa6
System projects cannot change their status 7c187a310b
Add missing select2.min.css 67eb821260
Search project history for a specific user 1fa3de6a10
Search project history between two dates 02fec5dcad
Can now filter on events/subevents in project history 5a3ef2d48d
Introduce project history 9ddc7ceac4
Style the admin » projects » project information ba696eb516
Add pending info to projects and users list 787007089c
"More" dropdown in navbar 6f84eb3ee2
Style forgeupgrade not run warning 47593d3386
i18n pending documents edc31563e0
Project pending documents: remove non usefull text 8a956d8fa7
Merge commit 'refs/changes/27/6927/4' of ssh://gerrit.tuleap.net:29418/tuleap into HEAD cfae39be7d
story #9589: standardize project and user lists f1951ef8ce
Do not display "activate all" buttons if only one a4518ed6e7
Referenced by story #9589


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