epic #9923 Distributed SVN
    Distributed SVN

    Executive overview

    Ability to run SVN activities on a separate server in order to:

    • Better distribute & segregate the load (so SVN overload doesn't affect web part operations)
    • Ability to do partial downtime (ie maintainance on web operations without affecting continuous integration that rely on SVN)

    This only applies to SVN plugin, not SVN Core.

    What need to be done

    • The SVN service will be done with a base of RHEL/Centos7
      • Package sources only
        • No need of installation at this time, it's mainly to have the Tuleap sources
      • Configuration of SVN + Apache 2.4 for svn operations
      • Configuration of nginx + php 5.6-fpm for web operations
    • HAProxy configuration in order to distribute the services on the right server
    • Ansible playbooks to manage deployments and upgrades
      • So Web server and SVN server are kept sync in term of Tuleap versions
      • ForgeUpgrades are done on the right server
      • Configurations are properly deployed & kept in sync amongts servers
    • Tuleap modifications
      • Need to extract Svn operations (svnroot.conf updates) into a dedicated queue
      • Update svn pre & post commit hooks
    • A lot of tests!
    • docker images for developers

    Remaining issues or investigations

    • How to deal with XML import in a distributed context ?
    Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    2018-07-17 11:21
    2017-02-01 15:14

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