story #10145 configure what is accepted as backlog item type
project admin
configure what is accepted as backlog item type
  • I control what will be used in my project backlog
  • I avoid having a messy setup where a Sprint is child of an Epic

I Scrum admin

  • I can define which trackers of my project can hold "backlog items" (see attached screenshot)

Impact on "Planning" configuration

  • The select box that used to drive "what can be planned" in this planning disappear.
  • Need to update the way cardwall configuration is retreived

Impact on Planning view:

  • The "Add an item" select box (in milestone or sub milestones backlog) now list all possible backlog items
  • The "Add a child" select box now list all possible backlog items
To be done
Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
2017-04-18 19:39
2017-04-13 11:41


List of items referenced by or referencing this item.

Artifact Tracker v5


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    yes that would fine.
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    With this step the proposal is to make it completly free.

    However on the long run (with an upgrade path from Scrum v1 to Scrum v2) the goal is to have the currently known "Tracker Hierarchy" that would enforce this kind of rules. Would that make sense ?

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    Some projects would prefer to put some constraints as to what work item can be child of a tracker. Is there a way to configure this?
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    • So that
    • Acceptance criteria
    • Permissions set to