Manuel Vacelet (vaceletm)
    20 (2018-02-05)

    Referencing rel #10877

    Artifact Tracker v5

    request #10964 Upgrade build system to npm@5.6.0
    request #10965 Artifact form must not encapsulate the whole page
    request #10963 Misleading error message when you try to initialize a signature public key with data of the wrong size
    request #10971 Remove dead code in GraphOnTracker
    request #10958 Artifact additional content event is no more used
    request #10976 Error about short name patch already used when installing a new Tuleap instance with the tracker plugin
    request #10977 Link to tracker XML template examples does not work
    request #10975 I don't know where I can drop a widget on a dashboard
    request #10987 Tuleap help page should not mention myTuleap support
    request #10990 LDAP entries retrieved two times when adding a member
    request #10989 Do not build customization and all-deps packages
    request #10992 Downloading a large file from the FRS might reach the PHP memory limit
    request #10974 Update tools used to run the whole platform integration
    request #10996 Move artifact-modal's webpack config to tracker level
    request #10941 Cannot bind a ugroup to a LDAP directory group that is not at the first level of the tree
    request #10967 Allow to have several workers to consume email to send
    request #10998 Remove unused jQuery 1.7.2
    request #10999 Enhance helper for users in botmattermost modals
    request #10799 Migrate cross tracker widget in vuejs
    request #10966 Asynchronous email worker throw "Error while sending QUERY packet"
    request #10978 End PHP 5.3 support
    request #11001 Resending activation emails does not work when users are validated or validated restricted
    request #11007 Fix tlp-alert line-height
    request #11008 Pull request karma tests sometimes fails for no reason
    request #10924 Update default configuration TLS cipher suites (early 2018 edition)
    request #10686 Disabled switch should have "not-allowed" cursor
    request #11006 Fix tlp-text-* margin and line-heights when used under a form field
    request #11004 Replace RabbitMQ queues by Redis
    request #11011 forgeupgrade no longer works on system without php 5.3
    request #11013 Filter on active user and project in site administration
    request #11014 Cannot delete suspended user from project
    request #11009 Kanban report usage is not inherited
    request #11016 Tuleap always think its running on a supported version of PHP
    request #11012 TTM generates a fatal error at project creation
    request #11018 Better redirection after project approbation
    request #11019 Can't access to Git repositories
    request #11020 Email notifications not send when redis not configured
    request #11021 Planning view cards color disappeared
    request #11022 Scripts should not rely directly on /usr/bin/php
    request #11027 Changeset value can be null
    request #11026 API Explorer can be broken when Tuleap is behind a reverse proxy
    request #11029 Do not set the default PHP timezone from invalid user's timezone
    request #11024 Give the ability to plugins to append content to help page
    request #11025 Remove dead CSS code in FlamingParrot AgileDashboard
    request #11017 Add source project in cross tracker search results
    request #11032 Sending an email to a user through the user's profile does not work
    request #11028 Update Webdav README
    request #11034 CSS theme no longer applied in FlamingParrot AD
    request #10979 Implement Same-Site cookie and cookie prefixes protections
    request #10997 Labels administration shouldn't be displayed when pull request is not being used
    request #11038 Listened hooks in plugins administration are useless
    request #10890 LDAP Support for nested groups and groups from different nodes/folders
    request #11039 Labels are not duplicated from template when creating a new project
    request #11036 Do not install PHP files by default in the website project
    request #11042 pullrequest plugin should not be restrictable
    request #11044 Empty Datetime fields cause a javascript error in artifact modal
    request #11047 Remove useless option sys_server_id from the default configuration file
    request #11046 Webdav browser plugin does not work when a dedicated hostname is used
    request #11049 Disable button to create a pull request if no pull request can be created
    request #11000 Wrong cards order in a filtered Kanban
    request #11051 Artifact modal spinner is not shown anymore
    request #11052 Duplicate widget label config at project creation
    request #10883 [TTM] Links in comment are not white and are barely readable
    request #10919 Artifact field "Last Update Date" has wrong blue tooltip
    request #11050 Remove broken poll plugin from PHPWiki
    request #11043 Reply by email sends unwanted informations with outlook