request #11621 LDAP display name vs group name in sync view
    Jonathan Palm (palm)
    2018-08-09 10:31
    2018-06-14 08:21
    LDAP display name vs group name in sync view
    In the admin view where we bind an LDAP group to sync group membership, the display name is shown, but an error is present saying it cannot find this as one should instead use the underlying LDAP name.

    The UI should be altered so that one can find the LDAP group through either the underlying LDAP name or the display name, or at least so it stays consistent.
    Authentication & LDAP
    CentOS 6
    • [ ] enhancement
    • [ ] internal improvement
    Patricia Carrasco (pcar), Stephan Bill (stephanbill), Kristofer Sandlund (krisan)


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      Thomas Gerbet (tgerbet)2018-08-09 10:31
      gerrit #12252 has been integrated in Tuleap

      Thanks for the contribution @palm!

      • Status changed from Under implementation to Closed
      • Close date set to 2018-08-09
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      A patch for static ugroup modal is under review: gerrit #12252
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      gerrit #11886 integrated into Tuleap

      • Status changed from New to Under implementation
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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-07-20 12:52
      I understand. Best of luck with the release!
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      We are busy finishing 10.3 release, we will review you other contribution after the release.

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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-07-16 15:05
      I've made some changes according to the feedback. Feel free to check them out on gerrit when you've got the time :)
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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-07-02 08:39
      I've got a working version up on gerrit. it can be found at https://gerrit.tuleap.net/#/c/tuleap/+/11859/
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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-06-28 08:18
      Alright, "alt2" it is. I'll go ahead and start implementing this ASAP. I appreciate the feedback!
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      @bdauton said "alt2" would be better so here we are !


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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-06-27 15:46
      I've attached two mockups for UI changes. I had to make them in MS Paint, but I hope they'll do. I have no preference for one over the other.

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      Could you share a pseudo mockup of what you have in mind in term of UI (even a wireframe would be OK) ?

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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-06-27 11:25
      It is precisely the behavior of $sys_ldap_search_user that I want to replicate for groups.

      I think having a small UI tweak could be useful, so that it is possible to see both the LDAP name and the display name when searching. This becomes especially useful when the LDAP cn attribute is completely non-descriptive and unrelated to the group name one would want to show to the project admin. Simply keeping it on the form of "display_name (cn)" in autocomplete would probably suffice for us.

      Would this UI tweak be reasonable?
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      I'm not sure the UI should be aware of the CN vs display_name, I think it would be better to extends the search to add an extra field (maybe as it's done for $sys_ldap_search_user).

      That would mean a new variable $sys_ldap_search_group, if the variable is defined, it's used to search, otherwise there is fallback on cn search.

      What do you think ?

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      Jonathan Palm (palm)2018-06-27 08:27
      So the feature would be to make it so that the LDAP plugin will either search for the cn (the current behavior) or a "display name" (should be defined in the config) and make suggestions depending on the best match